Blade Hunter

Alternative names: Vlade Hunter

Igra Blade Hunter and events from the realm of fantasy. We only know that it has been simmering war of good and evil forces. Once the gods have presented light and dark swords, endowed with invincible power, but the arms of the compass was split into seven pieces. They are still afraid of the supporters of darkness, but not in the least. For a while it gave good head start in the opposition, but the enemy found a way to return their weapons, and now over the world once again in danger of immersion in the eternal chaos and darkness. Brave to play the game Hunter Blade, reflecting the numerous attacks of the enemy troops.

Predstavlyaem main game moments. As for the movement, they occur in two directions on the site: left / right.

Kazhdogo player waiting Hunter Blade registration, after which he chooses and takes under the control of his hero. Participate in battles have to constantly, so that career growth is assured. Wedging in a rotating ball, can easily be lost or be nice to cut the game points - depends on the character and talent of your agility, because the master can win the novice.

Ot each character abilities.

  • Rytsar - a reliable partner in arms. His experience and commitment ensure victory even in an environment especially powerful enemies. It is dangerous and charming, and not everyone will be able to compete with it on the battlefield. Join the guild hunt bosses, help each other, resources and expertise, participate in PvP-battles.


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