Blade Hunter

Alternative names: Vlade Hunter

Game Blade Hunter and events from the realm of fantasy.

Browser Game Hunter Blade is a RPG fighting game, and is intended for the players, lovers fantasy, which is quite expected meeting with dragons, wizards, stone golems.

Fans of the genre have already begun to play Hunter Blade, studying fairy expanses of land, no one knows where placed. The history of this famous country is variable and is not clear until the end. We only know that it has been simmering war of good and evil forces. Once the gods have presented light and dark swords, endowed with invincible power, but the arms of the compass was split into seven pieces. They are still afraid of the supporters of darkness, but not in the least.

Bright managed to steal the sword of the Dark, and hidden on a high mountain. For a while it gave good head start in the opposition, but the enemy found a way to return their weapons, and now over the world once again in danger of immersion in the eternal chaos and darkness.

Will the supporters of the world to win the forthcoming battle, or they are destined to die in an unequal battle? From your actions depends on what will be the continuation of the story. Brave to play the game Hunter Blade, reflecting the numerous attacks of the enemy troops.



Introducing the main game moments.

Like most 2D- fighting games, this product looks bright, enchanting, with a dynamic storyline and colorful special effects. Graphics worthy, and you can even see some images of the details. As for the movement, they occur in two directions on the site: left / right.

Each player will have

Hunter Blade registration, after which he chooses and takes under the control of his hero. Participate in battles have to constantly, so that career growth is assured. Battles take place not automatically, and with the direct participation, so learn the rapid enumeration of the keys to timely make combos for better results.

Every fight is something amazing - a real show. Wedged into a rotating ball, can easily be lost or be nice to cut the game points - depends on the character and talent of your agility, because the master can win the novice.

a lot of quests, and each offering to rescue the oracle; destroy the dragons with wild boars and other monsters; protect forests, caves and islands. When the job is done, the distribution of the stars will show your progress in three positions:

  • Kombo
  • Stil srazheniya
  • Vremya prohozhdeniya

Teper catch falling chest, picking precipitated gold and bonuses. Once completed assignments bring experience, and it helps to raise the level of talent and an additional gain.



From each according to his abilities hero.


participants iPlayer Blade Hunter may choose from four characters, but until recently there were only three:

  • Razboynik - pretty slick, and penetrate his thoughts is difficult. It is an insidious enemy and the Artful Dodger, but if given the word errand, will do it.
  • Knight - a reliable partner in arms. His experience and commitment ensure victory even in an environment especially powerful enemies.
  • Valkyrie - weave a spell of illusion, and blur the thought of the enemy, make him believe in a non-existent. It is dangerous and charming, and not everyone can compete with it on the battlefield.
  • Mechanic - new to the company Trinity, and therefore self-sufficient and self-confident. His power is amazing, because he is armed with a huge hammer, which makes the enemy camp irreparable damage.

Use the available gaming opportunities Blade Hunter, to win the battle and the war. Join the guild hunt bosses, help each other, resources and expertise, participate in PvP- battles.


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