Blade Hunter

Alternative names: Blade Hunter

Game Blade Hunter: events from the field of fiction.

Browser Game Blade Hunter is an RPG fighting game, and is intended for players who are in love with fantasy, where the meeting with dragons, magicians, and stone golems is quite expected.

The fans of the genre have already started to play Blade Hunter, exploring the expanses of fairy-tale lands, unknown where placed. The history of this unknown country is changeable and unclear until the end. It is only known that the war of good forces and evil forces does not cease on it. Once the gods gave the Light and Dark swords, endowed with invincible power, but the arms of the side of the world were split into seven parts. They are still terrible to the supporters of darkness, but not in the least.

Light managed to steal the Darkblade, and hid it on a high mountain. For a while this gave a good start to the confrontation, but the enemy found a way to get his weapons back, and now the world is once again in danger of plunging into eternal chaos and darkness.

Do the supporters of the world dare to win the upcoming battle, or are they destined to die in an unequal battle? From your actions depends on what will be the continuation of history. Brave to play the game Blade Hunter, reflecting the attacks of numerous enemy troops.

We represent the main game moments.

Like most 2D fighting games, this product looks bright, enchanting, with a dynamically developing plot and colorful special effects. Graphics are decent, and you can even consider individual details of images. As for displacements, they occur in two directions along the site: left / right.

Each player is waiting for Blade Hunter to register, after which he chooses and takes control of his hero. Participate in the battles will have to constantly, so that career growth is assured. Battles are not automatic, but with direct participation, so learn to quickly sort through the keys to make up a combo in time for the best result.

Each fight, it's something amazing - a real show. Wedging into a spinning tangle, you can easily die or cut down the game points - it depends on the talent of the hero and your agility, because you can win a master and a beginner.

There are many quests, and everyone offers to save the oracle; Destroy dragons with wild boars and other monsters; To protect forests, caves and islands. Still completed tasks bring experience, and he helps to increase the level of talent and find additional ones.

Of each hero according to his abilities.

The current members of iPlayer Blade Hunter can choose from four characters, but only recently there were only three of them:

  • The breaker is a rather slippery type, and it is difficult to penetrate into his thoughts. He is an insidious opponent and a clever cheat, but if he gave the floor to carry out the assignment, he will do it.
  • Knight - a reliable partner in arms. His experience and responsibility ensure victory even in the environment of particularly powerful enemies.
  • Valkyrie - will weave a spell of illusion, and cloud the enemy's thoughts, forcing him to believe in the nonexistent. She is dangerous and charming, and not everyone can compete with her on the battlefield.
  • Mehanik is a newcomer to the company of the trinity, and therefore self-sufficient and self-confident. His strength is amazing, because he is armed with a huge hammer, which brings in the enemy's camp irreparable damage.

Use the available game features of Blade Hunter to win battles and war. Join the guild, hunt for bosses, help each other with resources and experience, participate in PvP battles.


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