Bloody pirate

Alternative names: Bloody pirate

Bloody Pirate Game: Anime Pirates Attack!

Collects all on board a pirate ship game Bloody Pirate, released as an alternative story "One Piece". This is a browser-based MMORPG product in the anime genre, and since Japanese TV shows and comics have long been loved by European society, it’s not surprising that so many fans crowded around the "Blood Pirate".

As the toy is Russified, you can play Bloody Pirate without problems, the more you have to communicate a lot with the characters, leading dialogues and receiving tasks. The developers decided not to burden the gameplay with special effects, and such moderation did good. But the bright colors and recognizable style of appearance of the characters in place, as a hallmark of the Japanese "cuisine" of comics, TV shows and gaming products.

On the game as a whole, it can be said that it looks decent, bright and attractive. Events develop dynamically, quests and battles abound to keep a finger on the pulse.

Six classes for choice

Bloody Pirate registration is easy, as you probably have an email address. This is what you need to specify in the upper column, and below - 6 characters of the password and re-enter it to make sure that the spelling is correct. Put a tick that we agree with the rules, and click the registration button. But if you have an account in VKontakte, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, you can log in with their help.

Now we will study the representatives of the classes that will represent you in the game.

  • Navigator. Need to build a course? He will always help.
  • Summoner, which will completely pass for the oracle or mage.
  • Warriors. If you need to use brute force and muscle to play, it is to him.
  • Mechnik armed with a sword, which is so clear, and solves all questions with a blade at the ready.
  • A shooter specializes in destroying the enemy from a distance, pouring arrows at him.
  • Bard, he's a troubadour, he's a musician. Music is everything for him, and he uses it to set the mood, or to wear down the enemy.

Among the characters there are female and male images that have their profession. Accordingly, the set of characteristics also has an individual character, and they should be studied meticulously in order to comfortably make further progress in the game space.

We pump muscles, skills and experience

Any character at first simple and inferior to a stronger opponent. To increase its characteristics, you must constantly exercise in the passage of quests and participating in battles against monsters or players. Such work will bring the hero different utility in the form of additional equipment, assistants and selection of sailing ships.

In the very first minutes you find yourself on the ship's deck in the company of other pirates and get your first mission. Run it is extremely important, otherwise you will not advance in the plot. For each successful mission, get a reward, and spend bonuses to acquire additional abilities and other things. Fights and quests alternate, which makes it possible to take a break from the monotony of actions and to visit different territories.

Battles in Bloody Pirate occur on the principle of step-by-step actions, when giving a command to a battle, you turn into an outside observer, taking note of the work done on the abilities of characters.

The choice is PvE or PvP battle modes. If you do not want to compete with the forces of the players, go to the defense of dungeons, the development of space and other adventures. But having accepted the challenge of another gamer, go to the Arena, where you can demonstrate your own tactics in all its glory.


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