Book of Camelot

Alternative names: Book of Camelot, Camelot Book

Online game Book of Camelot - Free MMORPG fantasy genre with elements of economics and strategy. Virtual reality will take you into the atmosphere of legends and myths that have prevailed in the minds of the inhabitants of the medieval kingdom of Camelot. Beginning Book of Camelot play, you can go back hundreds of years ago, will meet with King Arthur and brave knights. Those who are interested in history, it is known that the Middle Ages was dull and gray, and the people are superstitious. However, with this in the Book of Camelot online you do not face. On the contrary, the gameplay is colorful and thoroughly positive. You play Book of Camelot, enjoying beautiful graphics. Rapid developments and exciting adventures will appeal to fans of escape from the daily routine. After registration Book of Camelot will be passed, you will find not an opened edge of different things. After all, you need to create your army, and build a settlement, and accumulate resources, and control the economy. Pleased that the development opportunities for all users alike. So, becoming a resident of medieval Europe, you know, force spent more than compensated. You neither of whom are independent, no one can push their authority or significant advantages.

Project available to all comers. System requirements are minimal:

  • Operating system Windows
  • Does support Flash
  • Date FlashPlayer
  • Display resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels

Register itself in the game Book of Camelot will not take much time. Here you can select the image, which will appear in the game world. But first you must enter information such as:

  1. Player name
  2. Password
  3. E-mail
  4. Sex

Of course, you want to quickly become a part of the bustling life of the kingdom. You will certainly try to engage the service of His Majesty. But do not drive horses! Balanced game Book of Camelot online involves some tests to obtain privileges. So do not despise initially work on the grunt work, such as a porter at the port or fighter rats. If zarekomenduete well, increasing in the offing. Strive to faithfully serve the kingdom and eventually reach the desired heights.

Take care of your reputation. Understand that your future depends on the path that will make the first step. Play Book of Camelot as possible as a defender of the fatherland and the role of roving bandits. Path respected warrior or thief hunted - it just depends on your behavior!

In what situation you would not be caught, you should take care of its development. Parameters are separated by the characters:

  • By
  • Agility
  • Constitution
  • Endurance

Above them rise and have to work. After all, to make the way you need to have enemies in broad strokes increased strength, increase health points and accumulate experience.

Besides the basic parameters there fighting skills that can participate in duels, sieges and clan wars. Book of Camelot online game provides the opportunity to fight, after reaching a certain level. Of Applied tactics and correct calculations depend on the future victories. Another development of the hero depends on some special techniques

  • Iron skin
  • Call Nature
  • Blessing
  • Powerful punch

Also plays a significant role equipment and armament.

Things from the arsenal, as well as elixirs are purchased in a store for trading game currency (gold) . When investing real, you can visit the shop and paid. Quality equipment increases the chances of a battle, so save on this should not be. The choice of weapons will be pleased with you:

  • Swords
  • Knives
  • Axes
  • Magic wands of various types

Miracle potions divided into health and reducing drug elixir increases certain indicators.

Play the game online Book of Camelot can be part of a clan. Defend the castle together, engage in secret wars, making forays into enemy territory - all this will make your life rich and fun.

But not only military action is the meaning of your existence. Choice of 13 civilian professions allows your character to find a suitable deal.

In development professions, need to be addressed:

  • Construction site of fortifications and barracks
  • To take care of its settlement
  • Produce crystals and other resources
  • Create new objects

Or, go to the end, to go fishing! This will help relieve stress and relax. To really does eliminate the boredom, find your soul mate. The game allowed the marriage! This occurs in a special temple.

Play the game online Book of Camelot will be on extensive locations. Believe that there is a place to roam! Just do not lose vigilance! You do want to achieve the maximum level of 75!

True connoisseurs browser projects will not be disappointed. Book of Camelot is able to satisfy themselves even capricious! What a long time to assemble, try to play and did not notice, as already addicted gameplay. Let this occupation will bring you real pleasure!


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