Alternative names: Borderlands, borderlends

Borderlands Game is an exciting computer game. In this game you can play from the first person. Borderlands presented with elements of shooter and role-playing.

Download Borderlands you can from the official site of the game if you have a full eighteen years. Before the game, you can watch a video about the game Borderlands. This video will introduce you to the different features of the game.

How to play Borderlands You can find out in this review.


In-Game Borderlands characters have their own peculiarities. Only four characters in Borderlands:

1. Mordecai - is a hunter in the game. He was 17 years old won the competition for the accuracy of shooting with a revolver. Many players in this competition, accusing him of violating the game and sport behavior. Some players said that prior to the competition and he behaved unsportsmanlike. He traveled to different planets to find that he is interested. He refers to this as a better life and easy way to make money.

Specific facts:

39 years

Color - turquoise,

Earth - Artemis.

2. Roland is a soldier in the game. He likes to shoot with automatic rifles and shotguns. Roland sets a specific tyurel. In addition to the attack and fighting, he can heal and restore ammo and protect his master. In a multiplayer game, and it helps their allies. He is a former soldier of the organization "Scarlet Spear."

Specific facts:


Color - Green;

Planet - Prometheus.

3. Lilith is a Siren in the game. It possesses psionic abilities. It can create a phase shift. During entry and exit phase shift siren sends a blast wave. When a shift is represented Lilith invisible and moves very quickly. She can only fight in melee, but for this it needs to get out of special shift.

It is one of six sirens. All sirens have magical powers. But they do not know how to use them and what to do. She wants to find Serena ode to learn more information about yourself.

Key facts:

27 years

Color - Pink;

Planet - Dionysus.

4. Brick represented as Berserker. He can go to a special condition. During this state, he can not shoot a gun. In this Brick violently attacking enemies with fists and can quickly restore their health. He also uses the club, which will in the game. Its aim is to find his missing sister. He wears as its mascot paw his dog, who as a child he died.

Key facts:

36 years

Color - blood red;

Planet - Menethius.

In-Game Borderlands weapons are each character

1. Mordecai: sniper rifle, revolvers.

2. Roland: automatic rifles, shotguns.

3. Lilith: sub-machine guns, basic weapons.

4. Brick: grenade launchers.

Play Borderlands you'll be on different planets. Each character has his own mission.

The game Borderlands pc you can play in different modes: single player or multiplayer.

A lot of fascinating impressions you give Borderlends game.


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