Borderlands 2

Alternative names: Borderlands 2

Processor: Core 2 Duo / Athlon 64 X2 2. 4 GHz


Video Card: GeForce 8500/Radeon HD 2600

Disk Space: 13 GB

Borderlands 2 - continuation of the popular first-person shooter with ample opportunities in the development of character with many modifiable parameters. That is its difference from other shooters and made the game so popular that led to the adaptation of the game for a wide range of platforms, consoles, personal computers, was also released version of Borderlands 2 mac os.


Game Borderlands 2 takes us into a world where the events took place the first part, only five years later. Storage Secrets Revealed. Some adventurer named Handsome Jack has appropriated all the credit for the Warehouse team of hunters, in the wake of general adoration, he was able to seize power in the Hyperion Corporation and simultaneously declare himself the new dictator of Pandora. Major changes started newly ruler, relying on force mighty corporation. In the first place, he decided to get rid of lawlessness, the root of which were the first colonists of Pandora, and another way to get rid of them, but to destroy every last one, he could not come. Borderlands 2 mac - show how much can be ruthlessly industrial society, led by a madman, a small group of dissenters. This situation and the bold but ruthless dictator next plans are not satisfied with the hero of the Pandora team seekers Repositories, whose merits were so shamelessly appropriated freshly baked reformer. But the dictator sleeps four and embittered hero falls into a planetary train wreck The customized. With this and start your journey through the world Borderlands 2 mac os. You by coincidence, have become one of the very occasional passenger train that derailed on orders Beau Jack. The first thing you see, coming to himself, this is a fun robot that digs the grave, a hundred sure that the protagonist has already gone to the hereafter. After a brief explanation will take you to the Guardian Angel, who will tell you about your mission and what exactly you are destined to stop Handsome Jack and do not give it to spend their genocide. By the way, all four main characters from the first great part also survived, but take part in your mission, they will not, and sometimes you will encounter throughout the game, as minor characters.


Gameplay The game Borderlands 2 is entirely taken over from the first part. Before us is the same first-person shooter with an expanded role model. Before the game, you can choose one of four unique characters (if you have installed the add-on will add two more characters) having its own strengths and weaknesses, special skills, increased rates to use a certain type of weapons. Distinction by type of weapons does not prevent all types of wear you. Selecting your arsenal, you go in search of jobs that can be obtained from some of the characters or the special boards. Execution of each task will bring certain bonuses in the form of money, experience, items or Eris, a rare crystal needed to improve weapons or skills. Aside from the unique game mechanics and Borderlands 2 retained its visual feature graphic cartoon style.


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