Bounty Hounds Online

Alternative names: Bounty Hounds Online

Bounty Hounds Online game belongs to the class of fantastic multiplayer role-playing games. Actions in the game takes place in the distant future. So in the 24 century, the bloody World War 3, occurring in the world with nuclear weapons, has made the majority of the territory uninhabitable, and the places where it was possible to live - on the verge of social collapse. From war to people in Bounty Hounds Online got its nuclear program, which, oddly enough, were able to save humanity: giving people the opportunity to leave the Earth and travel between the stars in search of a place to restore life. During these travels they meet with other intelligent life forms.

Let's see, what do we need to play, what system requirements puts it in front of us? To play Bounty Hounds Online smoothly we need a computer with the operating system Windows XP / Vista / 7, Intel Core 2 Duo 2. 6GHz, 2GB of RAM and a video card Nvidia 9600 GT (512MB) or Radeon HD 3600.

If our computer meets the system requirements of the game, then you can start: Bounty Hounds Online registration takes only a few minutes of time. Despite the fact that the Russian language has not yet been provided by developers, we check in with no problems. In the left part of the screen on the main page of the official site, we need to enter your registration data. Join in the game Bounty Hounds Online is asking us to come up with a user name (Player name), generate (Password) and confirm a password (Confirm Password), add an e-mail (E-Mail), as well as get acquainted with the rules of the game and private policy Site - put a "tick". Left to download the program to install the game on your computer using the green button at the bottom of the field profile (downlad now), install it on your computer-Bounty Hounds Online registration is completed, and we can dive into the exciting, fascinating and sometimes frightening world of the future.

After registering Bounty Hounds Online game invites us to choose a character class of the five

Trooper - well able to handle a gun and can hit a target from any distance. Character's appearance: orange glasses and lightweight gray form with yellow accents.

Bio engineer creates a different game dangerous trap from which to escape the enemy hard. Wearing yellow glasses and brown with blue accents form.

Scientist - melee fighter, easily handles chemical weapons. In the battle is not predictable. Wear a mask and blue-blue uniform.

Agent belongs to a class of spies, who strives to catch the enemy off guard. Has with a bunch of different modern devices for the attack. Dressed in a gray uniform.

Artillery - artillery, prefers fight at long range and professionally with weapons. Wearing yellow glasses and gray-blue weighted form with yellow accents.

Game Bounty Hounds Online enables each game character to get a pet, which can be improved in the game, to increase his experience and skills, as well as put it shape. Pets will be very useful in the world of Bounty Hounds online.

Play the game Bounty Hounds Online will be especially interesting to fans of multiplayer games: the game gives you the opportunity to conduct group battles against other groups of users against the boss and multilateral mini-games against other players.

Game is very interesting and exciting, at the height of the graph, and indeed the developers have tried in earnest. That's enough to sit here jogging in Bounty Hounds Online play!


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