BS - Blood and Soul (Blood and Soul)

Alternative names: Blood and Soul, soul and blood, soul and Sea fornication

Online game BS (Blood and Soul) - MMORPG apocalyptic themes. Heaven and hell come together in great opposition, the same people are caught between the two fires. BS online game - it's spectacular battles guild wars and tournaments, and in peacetime - employment favorite business, economic development and ... love. But before we tell you about the lyrical side of BS online, let's specify the technical aspects. Thus, the minimum system requirements for your computer: the operating system - Microsoft Windows xp 32/64bit SP3, Microsoft Windows Vista 32 bit, Microsoft Windows 7 32/64 bit; Processor - Pentium 4 2. 0 GHz or equivalent; RAM from 512Mb; graphics card that supports DirectX 9c (memory from 256Mb).

Join in the game BS is possible in several ways: you can login as a user of a social network "Vkontakte" or you can create an account on the game platform GameNet. For the latter you will need to click on the website of the game "play for free" and fill out the form - enter the address of the email account and password, and accept user agreement. Thus, your BS in online registration is completed.

Well, check BS behind? Then, welcome to the exciting world of games «Blood and Soul». Before you start playing the BS you will need to select the server. BS online game that runs on multiple servers - Theos and Elysium, and newer servers Tario and absolutes.

Next engaged in creating a character. You are asked to four classes of heroes:

• Warriors - messengers of God of War Volant, are under the protection of sacred animals;

• Arrows - elegant and apt shooting creatures who patronized goddess Dibon;

• Magicians - god of justice Agenona students are privy to the secrets of the universe flows use magic;

• Bards - inspired muse Arisfeey musicians that their music may revive, heal or destroy.

Each class their weapons, their characteristics, skills, and three branches of development: Warrior Master-Paladin, Shooter Ghost-Ranger, Mage Thunderer Priest, Bard Apostle Guardian. In addition to these characters, from which you can choose the most handsome yourself, you will be put in charge of an assistant - Elf (it also can also be selected). It will evolve with your character in that element, which you elect to him. As they grow, your elf will bring experience points. The main thing is not to forget that "we are responsible for those who tamed" - watch him, feed, take care and you will also benefit from it.

Besides achievements in its class to play the game online BS is worth in order to later 20 levels you could join the "divine company" tobish become a god. But the divine dignity will earn - perform a series of tasks (their name here introductory) that allow you to earn points and stars faith. In sufficient quantities, and they can be exchanged for the benefits of being a god.

Play the game online BS so exciting that each new level (well, somewhere about a dozen of them) is your hero brings new opportunities. After the 20th, you become a god, and after the 50th you can get the second half, but not just so, and officially - to get married here is a good tradition. Create family pass special "family" quests, get rewards, and more - communicate in their separate chat.

But how would any fun to play BS towards the development of character, do not forget about the main mission - to protect yourself, your family, guilds, etc. etc. Fight for the world you have created, for those who were near and dear to you in the world «Blood and Soul».


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