Cabal Online

Alternative names: Cabal Online

Cabal online - is a fun multiplayer game from Korean developer ESTsoft, which is uniquely interested in players of his eccentricity. The main "trump card" of the game is a unique style of playing with her exciting process.

Before you play the game Cabal Online, you need to check whether the required computer system requirements for the game. Developers must meet the following minimum requirements:

- Operating system: Windows 2000/XP;

- Processor: Pentium 3800 MHz

- Video: GeForce 2 Series 512 MB or the like;

- Compatible with Direct x 9. 0 sound;

- 2 GB of free space on your hard disk.

Next mandatory process is to register in the game Cabal Online. To do this, on the game's official website to choose a section Register Cabal Online, where to fill key data about the user. Enter the following is needed:

- E-mail,

- User name in the game,

- Password;

- Floor;

- Read and accept the User.

And the last thing to do before you play the game online Cabal - is to download and install the game client. You can download it free of charge directly from the official site. After downloading, you must run Cabal_Setup. exe, to install the game. Then using your username and password need to get into the game. At this Cabal Online registration closes and you are ready for an exciting game process.

Cabal Online game begins with character selection. The player will choose the type of hairstyle, face and hair color to your character. Play Cabal Online can be in one of six classes:

- Assain;

- Witcher;

- Magician;

- Warrior;

- Arrows;

- Defender.

Each class has its advantages and disadvantages, so initially need some time to learn the basic character abilities.

Cabal Online game that has a unique system of skills. Each character has four kinds of skills:

- Magic;

- Special;

- Physical;


Each skill can be developed. For use of the skills distribution points are added, which then need to invest in the development of any skill. New skills need to be found in the books that you can buy. Initially the game Cabal Online has only three cards, but as the character they will become more and more.

Help in Cabal Online play tamed pet that will constantly accompany character. Selecting a pet is quite wide, so everyone can find a suitable mate.

Game notable for its combat system, which worked very well. Include the possibility to use combo attacks. They become available after the thirtieth level of character development. To use these attacks, you must have the spirit of points that are earned in combat, training, dancing, etc. etc. The character has the spirit of 5000 points, and the combo is used by over 450 skill. There are three grades combos: bad, good, excellent. To achieve maximum impact force, you need time to press the front of the character line running. During 11 consecutive successful combos, this will be known to all players Cabal. However, with each subsequent combo reduced period of time during which should fall in line.

Any character in the game can be called a duel, which lasts 3 minutes. The winner of the duel gets reputation. Once a character reaches level 52, you need to choose a faction to which adjoin. Significant differences between the groups is not. When a player reaches level 95, it is possible to participate in the National battles that take place every 5 hours, and lasts an hour. For participation in the battle, all players will receive honor points, which you can buy equipment.

The game also has the Chaos Arena, where it is necessary to hold a certain time. At the same time it can participate in only 7 people.

All equipment in the game can be improved, and the weapon can be sharpened. Every thing is an indicator that tells about the level of improving things.

Thus, the game Cabal is one of the best multiplayer games, which has some interesting features, which include: the unique style, atmospheric music and fun gameplay.


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