Canaan online Introduce

Alternative names: Canaan Online

Canaan Online - a bright flash free browser game (MMORPG), which was created in the style of "manga." Unforgettable adventure in a fantasy world of the game, will stay in it quite fascinating, and the presence of the characters fashionable and beautiful clothes, please many players. Online game online Introduce Sanaan requires no client installation and is available in almost any browser.

Here are the required system requirements:

CPU: P4 2. 4 GHz or Pentium D;

RAM: 512MB or 1GB;

Hard disk space: 200 Mb or 400Mb or more;

Video Card: Geforce 4 (64 MB ×) or Geforce FX series or similar;

OS: Windows XP / Vista Windows XP / Vista

To enter the game, you need Sanaan Online Registration: on the main page, please click on "Register" button on the page that opens in the registration form, enter your e-mail, name, password and the code shown in the image. Then take agreement with the Laws of the Game and click on "Register". Registration on this game online Introduce Sanaan finished.

After registration online Introduce Sanaan entered the game to a page where you want to create your game character: choose your character name (or nickname), class (Warrior, Mage, Priest or Hunter), sex of the character and appearance (hair, face) . Then need to click "Create."

Now online game Sanaan open to adventure and the first thing you will need to do is to go step by step learning the basic rules of the game. Provide support at every step of your hero will Elf, and if you follow his tips, you can reach level 5 in a few minutes, and the rewards will be a gift parcel ...

All the characters in the game have set parameters. They are: Strength, Dexterity, Spirit, Mind and Fortitude. In addition to these parameters, the characters still have active and passive skills and talents that are unique to each class. Some talents Sanaan online Introduce game allows you to open, only reached a certain level in the game, as well as rewards for completing various tasks.

Will perform the task through various quests, but other quests here are dungeons where to fight monsters. As a reward for victory in these battles, will accrue experience and given the unique things. So, play the game online Introduce Sanaan will not be bored!

Moreover, you can play online Sanaan with a wide choice of various equipment that is thoroughly thought through and which can be improved if necessary. If this is not enough, you can create your own (nominal) armor.

Game online Introduce Sanaan has at its disposal more pets who need special attention. Despite theirs look and power characteristics, catch and tame any possible! But to catch a pet, you must have a trap and caught a must to fight him. But this is not the only way to get a pet, it can also be obtained as a reward for completing quests or same as a battle trophy.

Their pets to trade and trade with other players. It is interesting that one species, livestock have different abilities and properties, so they are unique. Pets can provide significant help in the battle, and at the same time you can use immediately three pets: one will be ready to rush to attack, defend the second and third reunited with you in a single unit, will share their characteristics.

Play the game online online Introduce Sanaan can not only fighting with other players in the game, but also make new friends, spending time in fellowship.

For lovers diversify the gameplay, there is a function of marriage, where you can select a "mate" to spend, this rite, and for the time spent in a joint marriage, your characters will earn any bonuses.

For real money in the game store you can buy some useful and unique things.

Summarizing the results of this review, we can say that if you have four classes of characters and their development in several ways, in Canaan Online play will be quite interesting and exciting. So, welcome to this fantasy world that is fraught with a lot of interesting and unpredictable! But first - Join in the game Sanaan online Introduce ...


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