Alternative names: Carnage

Carnage online - is a free online role-playing game (MMORPG), where medieval seething passions, where all the struggles and intrigues will mainly occur between human beings, and not between the bots.

Online game Carnage requires no client installation and is available to play in any browser.

To begin gameplay only need Carnage online registration: There are 2 ways to register.

First, using an account in one of the proposed social networks (VKontakte, Facebook, Mail. ru, Twitter, Classmates)

Second, directly from the website by clicking on the "Register" button in the window that opens, select your gender and one of the five cities (Lu, Morion, Sarkel Anchor, Aurora). Next, enter the desired name and password, and then hammered into the appropriate field code (coordinates), and in the window that opens you will be prompted to accept the agreement to pass Laws of the Game and training fight with wooden soldiers. Well, that's all, Join in the game Carnage finished.

While in the game, you can choose for your character image, the choice of which of the game is quite large and diverse. Besides male and female images, there are names that you can buy for Sestercii (one of game currency, which can be bought for real money). Carnage online game except sesterce has more florins, this is another game currency.

Game character has several key characteristics: Strength, Dexterity, Endurance and viability. Depending on what kind of image will be selected, will be available to a variety of weapons and ammunition. Here are some of them: Helmets, Fist, Armor, Pants, Shoulders, Gloves, Shields, Belts, Boots, Knives, clubs, swords, axes and more. In addition to weapons in the game there are still different magical elixirs.

Due to certain skills, the character can engage in fishing, crafts and Alchemy.

Play the game Carnage online you can get a particular profession under a special license. Available such licensed profession:

Mercenary - the most dangerous and demanded trade;

Merchant - this profession allows you to buy scarce goods wholesale and produce some financial transactions on favorable terms;

Priest - main duties of the profession, to conduct wedding ceremonies in the temple;

Mentor - the task of the profession, to train beginners in the game, not-so-buddy world;

Doctor - this profession allows you to engage in healing.

Carnage online game available in a wide variety of locations through which to play the game online Carnage will be very exciting.

The game has such buildings and structures as the auction (for trading), Exchange (trading standard items that are sold in the store), Repair workshop (you can fix things worn), Temple (a place for prayer and holding ceremonies), Town Hall (where there is a registration clans) and Hospital (you can improve your health).

In addition, the game is a dungeon in which a lot of dangers and mysterious creatures. And this adventure will be even more interesting, besides there can be found a strange discovery. To achieve maximum success in the dungeons, you need a team to go there (at least 5 people).

And the presence of many quests, will add even more color to the gameplay Carnage.

Now battles:

From the first level will be available for team fights - it fights with a few allies and adversaries, and from the second level, you can participate in chaotic battles - it fights with an unlimited number of participants. Group of allies and adversaries are distributed automatically.

Battles can be either conventional or bloody. In the bloody battle, in case of victory, you can get several times more experience than usual, but at a loss, there is a high probability of injury.

On the fourth level, see Addiction (Path of Light or Darkness).

There are four Addiction: Light, Order, Chaos and Darkness.

Every Addiction fundamentally different properties, character and capacity, presenting a complex system behavior and relationships. No ... good and bad inclinations, no good or evil, inclinations - each is inherent in the whole set of emotions, passions, acts of understanding. There are just different ways to achieve the truth and gain experience, everyone has the right to search, find and fight.

Play Carnage can be part of one of the Clans. You can choose Guild and fraction, and the presence of the Forum provides an opportunity to discuss-various topics.

In general, the game deserves attention. I remind you to start playing in Carnage, need only Register Carnage. Enjoy the game!


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