Castle fight

Alternative names: Castle fight

Game Castle Fight - is a free browser-based MMO on the events in Palestine in 1109. The game tells the story of the struggle between the Christian Crusaders and Arabs for land management.

Palestine in 1109 from the Nativity. Pope Urban II organized the first crusade with the words Deus Lo Vult ("Will of God"), and thousands of nobles, criminals, adventurers and ordinary peasants followed the papal call to Castle Fight online . Christian crusader managed to conquer Jerusalem in 1099, carrying a big test and heavy losses in the midst of battle. But as soon as the Holy Land was conquered in the name of Christ, feuds between individual dynasties came to the fore. Intrigues and disputes for power once shared a single army in Castle Fight online .

Before playing Castle Fight , make sure your computer meets the system requirements such as: frequency processor - 2GHz; RAM-1GB Video Card - 128MB. Join in the game Castle Fight will not take a lot of time and easy:

1.                   On the main page, select the item "registration"

2.                   Enter your name;

3.                   Please enter a valid e-mail;

4.                   Enter a secure password;

5.                   Select "Register" and Castle Fight registration is over.

You'll Castle Fight play and get acquainted with the following Christian military units.

Infantry is the backbone of any army Castle Fight online . It is most effective in close combat against other infantry units.

Lancers form the front line in the battle Castle Fight online . Their long spears allow them to keep their enemies at a distance and hit a first offender.

Archers can cover the enemy from a safe distance with a few volleys of their deadly arrows Castle Fight online . They can destroy the enemy advance.

Knights Templar - ideal fencers and the Knights of the Temple Castle Fight online . They fight against their enemies without mercy in the name of the Lord.

Cavalry - these warriors have great mobility and speed on their fast horses Castle Fight online . They have a significant advantage when they appear before the infantry units in combat.

Killers - these people are experts in infiltration, subversion and contract killings Castle Fight online . With their help, you can sabotage concrete buildings belonging to your enemies.

Knights of St. John disciplined and God-fearing gentlemen Castle Fight online . They serve you as guards of the castle and protect you from the killers.

Northern Vikings people have already earned its reputation as the bodyguards of the Byzantine emperors for their unlimited loyalty and courage in the game Castle Fight . They should not be located in separate buildings, but must defend the castle in case of sabotage before the Knights of St. John.

Spies Castle Fight online allow to collect information about your enemies. Your own level of espionage should be higher than your opponent.

You need to be expanded by the governors in the game Castle Fight . Governors can provoke and control the base of the new castle.

Lance fighters are always in front of the attack or campaign Castle Fight online . They keep attackers at a distance with their long spears, and therefore can be very important during the game.

Saracens are a disaster for you, you should fear for his armor in the game Castle Fight . They fight against their opponents mercilessly in the name of Allah.

Cavalry soldiers have great mobility and speed on their fast horses in Castle Fight online . They have a significant advantage over infantry units in combat.

Guard very disciplined in Castle Fight online . They are used to protect the interior of your castle and protect you from the killers. Guards should not interfere with the defense of the castle during the campaign.

Play and win in the game Castle Fight !


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