Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Alternative names: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow pc - great project, a genre which is characterized as a slasher. Game developer made famous company MercurySteam, and the release of the project have undertaken no less famous Konami. As a famous game designer Hideo Kojima has also participated in the creation of this masterpiece, the doubt remains - the game really is something worth seeing. Prior to that, the game was only available for the PlayStation and X-BOX, but not so long ago, gamers around the world celebrated this momentous event - was released Castlevania: Lords of Shadow PC version.

This game is a kind of revival of the project Castelvania, known in his time in all corners of the globe, which for a moment more than 27 years! Developers managed to make a miracle - a decent game RPG, made in 2D, they were able to make the perfect slasher, who has already attracted the attention of millions of players around the world and has earned rave reviews from critics pretty.

Continuing our Castlevania: Lords of Shadow review, it should be noted that, just as in the previous project, the action starts here in the early days of the Middle Ages. From the very beginning of the game reminded known story interchanges blood war between Belmont clan and the legendary Dracula. The protagonist of the game - Gabriel Belmont. As shown Castlevania: Lords of Shadow plot, Gabriel manages not only the desire to rid the land of dark forces vampires to destroy Dracula make his personal motives. According to legend, it was responsible for the death of Dracula Lady Belmont, and now Gabriel yearns to avenge her death, melting hope to return from the dead beloved.

Many gamers unanimously declare that, in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow play is interesting because of perfectly developed system of keeping close and distant battles. This aspect of the mark and the game's developers, calling fights one of the main highlights of the updated draft.

Separately, a few words, I would say about perfectly balanced gameplay project. Thanks to intelligent missions and qualitatively perform tricks game becomes simply spectacular action. Ahead of the game awaits a huge number of fights with the leaders and bosses (and today their neither more nor less than about twenty). Once you manage to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow download, you will have to meet with the giant ice titans and incredible size vampires, undead and orcs - in a word, just will not have time to get bored!

And, of course, as in any other game of this genre, you have to develop his character and improve his fighting skills and protection, improve weapons and develop their own unique strategies of warfare.

To ascertain the veracity of the above, you can see for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow video trailer, then you will want to try yourself in this game!


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