Alternative names: Castlot

Kastlot game - a fantastic game with role-playing elements of the strategy that can carry you into the ancient world of the 6th century. You will be able to experience in their own skin, what was on the brutal Anglo-Saxon war. Like the rulers of the past years you will need to build and strengthen their city. At the beginning of your tenure gaping void, but to breathe life into a small town, building its infrastructure and filling noisy residents - this is your calling. Knowing that a reliable fortress walls protect you, can feel confident in this bloody war. Play Castlot - means of defense against formidable enemies and carry dizzying assault to capture. Sit and passively wait until the head topple unhappiness certainly not worth it. You should try them anticipate and prepare thoroughly. Take care that your city's economy was at the proper level, reserves of different kinds of resources and take command of the strong, well-trained army.

To experience the medieval adventure, to register in the game Castlot . You can quickly enter the exciting world without fear that any problems you stop. Game Castlot not whimsical to the system requirements, they really are minimal

  • Operating System Windows
  • Any browser
  • Flash player
  • Video

And she Castlot registration does not take much time. Should enter the following information:

    1. Login
    2. Password
    3. E-mail

Pressing the "Register" button at the same time constitutes your agreement with the rules of the game.

Understand the key points geymleya help starting job. Performing their first quests, you gain some experience. Then you'll be able to decide whether to perform only basic instructions you or take more and more. Due to increased first title, and the second directly benefit. Up additional quests you get a reward valuable resources, which has gladly use during refining his fortress.

Think what would like to see their possessions. Erecting the main building - the Senate can place on its territory military facilities, houses and other buildings. Cottages residents should be equipped properly. Try to place people comfortably. After all, people - most importantly your wealth. Without the workers and soldiers you will not be able to achieve in this dangerous world. Earn the respect of his subjects, and they will answer your devotion.

Basic resources that offers Castlot online game

  • Grain
  • Tree
  • Iron
  • Stone

There is also a gold and these types of game currency, as magic potion and diamonds . To ensure a flow of grain, wood, iron and stone, should build facilities that specialize in their production. To do this, however, you first need to capture a certain territory. To win such necessary "squares" on the northwest side, should be sent back to the paddock firmly set goal. Resource-building will provide a permanent income, and at this time you can do a mission to get gold. Of course, in some cases you do elementary robbery than Brokeback vain. Let not conscience torments you. After all, if you are not going to do it, it would not mean that the contestants are not hankering for a tasty morsel and you will be spared. As for play money, you can get a magic potion by conventional methods, but the diamonds are only available for real. Do not stint on the acquisition, without diamonds have tugovato.

Play game Castlot a lot easier if your education at the proper level. Regularly visit Avalon, home of the required training. The player who perfectly mastered the science, leading his army to defeat your opponent can sometimes stronger, but not such a savvy.

Do not forget the decent ammunition. Armor bought in stores or earned in the arena, but for the acquisition of weapons need to turn to an experienced craftsman, visit his forge. The system still used PvP maps, which are very powerful weapon. You cards available skills, talents and combat elements. Do not miss the chance to take advantage of such benefits.

Like many browser projects, Castlot can play as part of the league. League - an association of several dozen players under the tutelage of one chief. You have the opportunity to join an existing league or create your own.

Intuitive interface, interesting storyline, players have the opportunity to develop the game visit the site often. It can become your favorite everyday occupation. Try it and see for yourself how addictive this game is excellent. It remains to wish you great achievements!


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