Casus Belli

Alternative names: Casus Belli

Casus Belli online - new from the British company Infinitios, which combines all the best features of the Internet's free games. Executed in a fantastic space strategy genre allows players to fight with alien beings

Deeds of men in this short session shooter moves thirst for conquest is not the universe, and the need to protect their own planet from aliens cruel antics. Became an edge question whether humanity will survive and whether the general defend the Earth. Aliens hoped that people will flee without looking back, leaving them with a new planet, as they say lukewarm. But instead, they came across a resistance. Nobody thinks to leave his favorite abode. Knotted horrifying war. However, representatives of the human race is not all bad. They come to the aid of informants, with whom they have contact to successfully attack the infamous Hunters. Informants - alien intelligence related to a completely different category than bloodthirsty aggressors. They have contributed to the progress of technical developments earthlings. Now it is possible to manufacture spacecraft might not inferior to those which are accustomed to use enemies. Through this people can resist the aliens on equal terms. But who will win - this question remains open.

Started playing Casus Belli you will help humanity to survive and protect against attacks that came from the galaxy detractors. The main thing to believe in a happy ending and joining forces with a reliable team to go ahead to a brighter future.

You just need to register in the game Casus Belli. But before you create an account, make sure that your computer meets this configuration:

  • OS Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista × 32/Seven
  • Processor Intel Pentium ΙΙΙ 1 GHz
  • Card 32 MB
  • 128MB RAM

If it's all right, Casus Belli, you can play without installing a client from any browser available. You can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. § Casus Belli register - it's a matter of minutes. Enter an email address and create a password. Terms accepted automatically. That's all business! Welcome to the training ground!

Before you go on your first ship in battle, you must learn the basics of management and comfortably navigate interstellar space. Newbie goes into space on a simple ship in China. But earning experience and credits, you get the opportunity to have a solid fighting constructs

Total kinds of vehicles in the game six

  • Corvette
  • Frigate
  • Destroyer
  • Cruiser
  • BattleCruiser
  • BattleShip

Over time, you will be available to create a whole collection of different models, because the garage is placed seven ships. But do not think that putting a spaceship in its repository, with peace of mind you will forget about it. No, this was not the end. Ships require continuous improvement, otherwise you get out of a lousy competitor. You just simply can not sustain any serious fight. Pumping technique, you along with themselves evolve. Online game Casus Belli offers walking chain ranks and become a respected personality. Starting simple cadet, it is possible that in the end will be fleet admiral. Go for it! Deserved medals warms your heart. There is something to strive for!

Although the country in which you made your order for the ship (America, Russia, Ukraine, China), it should be equipped with a dignified manner. Benefit varied arsenal here and choose a few. You have access to rocket launchers, ray guns, mines, torpedoes, shells and more. Fighting for the win, you can use two methods of shooting. Master shooting at goal lead, as well as the seizure and retention goals.

Play the game online Casus Belli need, following the chosen path of development. But whoever you become, to cope alone with the objectives impossible. It is, above all, a team game. And the main feature in PvP - fighting "team to team." Concerted action, plus support for whistleblowers - and victory in your pocket! Do not worry if during the battle to destroy your ship, maybe for the team as a whole is not yet lost, and look at its ultimate triumph can as an observer.

Casus Belli game waiting for your deeds! Enjoy spectacular space adventure! Change the fate of the ravaged planet, prove uninvited guests that have every right to live on Earth! Enjoy the game!


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