Ceiron Wars

Alternative names: Ceiron Wars

Ceiron Wars Online - free browser based role-playing strategy game. It is totally a fantasy world filled with juicy content and Pestryaev diversity. This project - is not only a technological masterpiece and a demonstration of high aesthetics, it is also unusual in its essence is a legend which is the basis of an exciting plot. History Ceiron Wars online will tell you about the grand war that with frightening rapidity spread to all nooks and crannies of the magic of the universe. Two huge empire can not calm down and in their opposition to engage more and more small states. The player chooses one of the conflicting parties to addressing the nation's sake do during gameplay beyond. You will have an unforgettable experience filled way that you usually start officer. But not far off when you recognize a hero and glory smashed to all corners unseen lands. Begin Ceiron Wars play right now to prove everyone around you how talented commander!

For gameplay fit different operating systems. Tseyron Wars game support Windows , Linux , Apple Mac . The main thing is to have access to the Internet and installed on your computer Adobe Flash . You do not have to spend time trying to install something. Simple Ceiron Wars registration will allow you to enter the game at any time and from any computer. Open your account, you can at home, at work and on the road. Account is created as follows: enter your email address, password, and the password is repeated. Additional fields are filled only if you agree. After completing the registration process, you will get news from the creators, as in the corresponding place is checked by default, and you will automatically take out subscriptions. Also, keep in mind that clicking "Register" you acknowledge acceptance of the rules.

Started playing Ceiron Wars , you find yourself around the incredible variety. Get at least, for example, that fantastic land inhabited by different peoples. Here he met and Pirokantsy and Galentsa and ASNA, and Turks and Nippontsy, and Norway, and Asnardakiytsy and Firokantsy and Uighurs, and Arabia, and Tibetans, and Altai, and Gul, and Latina and many others. There are three large federations. Namely, Atiyskaya Federation, the Federation of Fara Bottom and the Federation of Southern Soriena. In addition, the population and different religious beliefs. Light Headlamp-Uni, Alternative Reality, Shamanism, true God - it is not a complete list of professed by the vast immense world religions. It would be good on this branching views ended, so no! Restless inhabitants Tseyrona spread more and different philosophies, worship ideas opposing currents. Here are some of them: Semazhenizm, In perfect balance, Brotherhood of the Wolf, a sign of strength, cultists, and other heavenly legion Well as you all this? Boredom just will not die!

So, what do to in this extraordinary world, not only to survive but also to be successful? You should not wait until they themselves become a victim. Feel free to go in advance, assemble your own squad, use the retro-futuristic technology, podyschu reliable allies, constantly improve their skills warlord. Will be very good if you will be helping the satellite, but his confidence and location before you need to win. Ceiron Wars game sends you to satellites such heroes

- Selina - pirokanskaya beautiful woman possessing irresistible looks and mind;

- Bogdan - a graduate of Temple Culture. Even as a child left without parents. His fate is not spoiled, and it is not surprising that over time he became a fan of the harshest Heavenly Legion;

- Eva - living vagrant life maiden from a noble family. Plume stretches her crimes, but all Eva does not want to settle down.

- Yavuzalp - the perfect warrior with a strong character and a steel shutter. What has not been in his life, but all the troubles he endured with dignity. But his coldness and cruelty often incomprehensible to others.

During gameplay the player will stykatsya with representatives of different races. In the game there are representatives of the higher races, but they can not see. Only some indications of their existence, but the question of recognition of this fact is still open. The second race - the older creatures. It developed kinds of creatures that live across the continent. Third race - being younger, representing species with poorly developed culture. They are not even able to do something to organize and communicate with each other. Do you will get on a motley crowd - time will tell, most importantly - confidence.

And finally, how could I not mention the majestic battles occurring almost constantly. Players have such battlefields as Altar MINIS, Crystal Caves, White Pass, Skadzhersky forest, lava bridge Basnaksky Falls Border Galenski Tower Tavern. Come on! Visit these villages to see firsthand that the minutes spent there truly memorable!


Can only wish you good luck and enjoy the gameplay!


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