Alternative names: C.H.A.O.S
What is Combat helicopter assault operational simulator know all gamer. This is one of the most popular simulators, a multiplayer game that allows you to experience yourself as the pilot of the helicopter gunship. The choice of the gamer offers a huge number of different models of "winged cars." You can test your skills in the implementation of operations under different conditions. S - a game that can demonstrate to you what and how the helicopter with him should be conducted. In fact, it is a unique aircraft that can easily land and take off from unprepared sites, but still upright. Only helicopters capable as birds, stopping in the air while being at high altitude, and then takes off and hide at high altitude. Moreover, these aircraft can move forward even a tail! Of course, these management features require a high skill of the pilot. In C. S play is extremely interesting, because you are "in their own skin" will be able to experience all the features of the military profession pilot. Military helicopters are equipped with the most powerful weapons systems. All more or less knowledgeable citizens know that the power of the helicopter fleet depends prestige troops. Best of the best machines boast superior maneuverability, strong layer of armor and mounted the most effective technologies reflection strikes. All these "twists" you have to learn to use to be able to successfully play C. S, which is not somehow, and to efficiently and effectively. Since all military helicopters are intended to carry out serious combat missions, you, of course, will take part in various military operations: intelligence nature, landing, rescue, fire, transportation. As you can see, you miss just once will. Since we are talking about online project that, according to tradition, for a successful start of the gameplay you will need in C. S register. This process looks quite simple and affordable. First, everyone will be able to seize the opportunity authorization using Twitter or Facebook, and secondly, for the successful completion of the registration process will be enough to just enter an email address and a unique password. Russian interface facilitates speedy completion of the game registration. The next step - download the game client. Pleasant is the fact that you can download C. S free. In addition, the project developer has been adapted not only for computers but also for smartphones running on the platform iOS and Android. In C. S online, you can choose different types of vehicles, improve and modernize its configuration. You can play both alone and with friends.

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