Chaos Rage

Alternative names: Chaos Rage

Chaos Rage: on the trail of myths.

Gods of Asgard in a panic - already seen the first signs of predictions about Ragnarok. Once one called dead Veshchunov v lva, and she told the awful picture of the death of the gods and the world, which will start with a dive into the darkness, when the sinister wolf Fenrir zaglotnet sun. The gods in despair, calling heroes and the legendary battle on their side, but the game Battle Heroes deploys these epoch-making events in the colors and dynamics.

Razrabatyvala browser MMORPG product BBG studio for fans of turn-based strategy and Scandinavian epic myths. Toy left the original, attractive, although it is made in a two-dimensional plane.

Otsenit all the charm of amazing toys can anyone who has decided to play in Chaos Rage, because it is available free of charge. You have to fight side by side with Odin, Loki, Thor and the other gods to Asgard, and will introduce to the world of the gods Skuld.

Selection of their lord.

Pered you appear colorful, unknown, a fantastic world in which natural to use magic, meet the Titans, incredible monsters and a huge dragon, which help in the battle to win. You will be at home among the gods, if you play the game Chaos Rage.

First of all, we must decide who will be your Lord, and what it will be sex. Examine the quality of applicants, and go with them on the job. As do the selected hero of one of the classes can not be unique, in that we can see a positive moment no need to be distracted by something that does not accept any benefits.

  • Warrior works as a tank - fearlessly moving forward on the enemy, ready to tear it to shreds. He is confident, assertive and ferocious, and a sense of superiority gives him a reliable protection, the mighty power and hit points, which is enough for a quick and effective attacks.
  • Assassin prefers cunning, stealth, agility and precision of a quick attack. His manipulation difficult to notice he quietly sneaks up to deliver a fatal shot.
  • Mag does not use the usual weapon, because in his arsenal is enough spells to destroy multiple enemies while remaining at a distance from them. He has more power and is constantly improving it.

Your Lord will evolve, improving their skills in combat and quests. Accumulate experience and acquire new skills you can, if you do not shy away from jobs. Also mandatory is also a minor, and you decide how much you need them at the moment. And if you join the guild, from it, too, will do the job. By embracing the implementation of various missions, you will improve the quality of the Lord, and be better able to show himself in the case. However, the first thing that must pass any gamer, this Battle Heroes registration.

Armed with a sword and magic.

Odnomu on the field did not stand against the enemy army, and you need assistants, which are easy to hire in the tavern, after analyzing their talents. Now you're ready for the challenge, having met the enemy, moving around the map iPlayer Chaos Rage.

Arrange the characters in accordance with their skills. Note that hired soldiers will automatically use their skills as opposed to the Lord, who can choose from their talents those more in line with the current situation. When the level of the hero will rise, the range of talent will also increase, and if you accumulate a lot of rage, you can use this spell as a call on the assistance of the dragon.

V Chaos Rage Arena is provided for single and mass entertainment fights and PvP battle, after which the winner receives valuable rewards.


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