Black Mirror 2

Alternative names: Black Mirror 2, black mirror 2

Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon XP 1. 5 GHz

RAM: 512 MB

Video: 256 MB of memory

Disk Space: 6 GB

Black Mirror 2 - the second part of the popular games in the genre of classic adventure, developed by a small German team Cranberry Production. Continuation of the game does not reveal to us all the mysteries hidden in the first game, but tell us a whole new life story of the curse of the Gordons, unfortunate owners of dark and mysterious manor. Black Mirror 2 game kept nontransferable gloomy atmosphere and environment of its predecessor.


If the creators of the first part of the game swirled around the whole story of the same name and the estates from the beginning throwing player in the thick of things, mysterious, mystical and frightening, the authors decided to continue a little bit the other way, before the player gradually revealing plot twists. In Black mirror 2 all starts over harmless before us is small and very nice town, where, it seems, the biggest nuisance is grumpy chief protagonist. And no one from the very beginning we were not told about the mountains of corpses or dreadful curse, just a blown fuse, which should be corrected by going down to the basement. Serious turns at the beginning will not, we face a regular guy, Darren Michaels will wander through the pretty town, getting acquainted with his equally lovely people, and nightmarish family Gordons we will meet except on the yellowed photos. But it is for the time being, at one point in the game Black Mirror 2, everything turned upside down and the events begin to unfold with frightening speed. Here tragically chief hero in hospital misses his mother, and a mysterious stranger, whom we met in prison and the local police station does tell us something terrible and frightening. Step-by-step Black mirror 2, the game only recently seemed to us the light and solar, will exaggerate, covering all the fog of fear and general suspicion.


Game plan, like many games of this genre, is reduced to solving the mysteries of incessant, unraveling the puzzles and finding answers to the questions pop up as the story progresses. The main thing in Black mirror 2 is undoubtedly the story, he should make the player spend time tracking intonations in the dialogues, watching videos and memories of game characters. As soon be able to fully understand all the twists and turns of the story, all the technical side of the game themselves recede into the background and the decision will be the next puzzle is not just another difficult puzzles, but a way to find out what's next offer us a game Black Mirror 2.

Adventure 2. 0

Black mirror 2, the game is filled with classic as for all members of this particular game genre, and major innovations that quest is not as common practice. Everyone who has ever played in quests, could see the logical inconsistency of moves in solving most puzzles, when a set of plain water becomes a complex chain of actions with the search buckets, well adapted to fix this very well, when it would be much easier to get water nearby open water or fountain. Here are the logical incidents if present, it is not so obvious and the whole gameplay is not much affected. Besides all the essentials inherent in the genre of games saved almost in its original form - locks and safes, collecting useful things, then converting them into working units, repair of broken, all this will be in abundance here.


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