Alternative names: Draft game Draft Online

In 2009 Company Omerta Online and "Stork" was released to the world of such a large audience-oriented project like online game Draft . And this audience and spectators are constantly solicited by the absence of limiting content and the main advantage of the project - an advanced combat system that can satisfy the needs of most "browser" gamers.

Before proceeding to step Draft Registration in the game , make sure that you have:

1) computer with Internet access;

2) 1 GB RAM

3) monitor with a resolution of 1024x768;

4) Adobe Flash Player (at least 9. 0) and the browser supports it.

If you are the proud owner of all of the above, you can safely go to the official website of the game, to the page Draft Registration . Mandatory fields here are the following:

· Your real e-mail; [_11_ ]

· Username - the name of the game;

· Password;

· Drawn confirmation code.

After reading and acceptance of the User Agreement by placing a tick in the empty little window stage Draft registration fully completed. Next you should create a character, but if you want - and the "whole" of the three. In this case the following system of bonuses:

→ for the creation of I hero relies 1000 coins;

→ for II - 200,

→ for third - total 100 pieces of silver.

All your (and only your) characters may have a unique appearance, good game resources (diversity of available external criteria) allow not skimp on looks.

Grow and develop in Draft online your hero can build through experience points received for the battle, assignments, etc. Numerous NPCs will help to play the game online Draft , providing you with these same tasks and missions. Yes, and thanks to its excellent interface in Draft play will be easy and convenient: to sort out all the details, you'll need no more than 20 - 30 minutes. Plus, that play the game online Draft all it was even easier, here there is a wonderful thing as map showing the current location and the very character and other objects as needed (City Hall, repair, retail outlets etc.

You will certainly have to be determined, with what weapon you would like to join the battle, although it will be difficult: the local variety of weapons is striking: more than 300 species of small arms, based on both biological and energy technologies. To narrow down the choices a little, Draft Online game online provides an opportunity to get one of the following specializations:

1) Sniper - adept at shooting at long distances. With the help of a large-caliber precision rifle affects the most defenseless of the enemy's body, while remaining outside the retaliatory destruction.

2) Assault - warrior melee.

3) Shooter - a versatile fighter, capable of destroying enemies both near and far away.

Thus if you want Draft play online adequately, it will be necessary to study certain combat abilities, opening new horizons for the various shooting and military tactics in general.

Briefly about the plot: Draft Online online game is based on two novels C. Lukyanenko, labeled "Draft" and "clean copy." It is the perfect combination of worlds, united by a single universe called the Veer. Survive here is not so easy, but very interesting. If you want to test yourself and pass through the events described in the best-selling books in person, join us!


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