City of Steam

Alternative names: Parograd

Game City of Steam is a free browser game, in which you can explore the world, destruction technologies . In COS game you will be presented a choice of four classes: Archer, Wizard, channelers and Overseer. You will play the game City of Steam and be able to participate on your own in one of the nine races! The strategy will provide you with an opportunity to pass a large number of quests, fight the horrible monsters, and the city will give you a lot of travel and adventure!

Before playing City of Steam , make sure your computer meets the system requirements so as: frequency processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video Card - 128MB. Join in the game City of Steam will not take much of your time and easy:

1. On the main page, select the item « Create account »; [ _23_]

2. Enter your username,

3. Enter a secure password and repeat it;

4. Please enter a valid e-mail;

5. Write your date of birth;

6. select « Submit » and City [ _3_] of Steam registration is over.

COS game - it MMORPG browser strategy. You will start your way around Nexus , where there are centers of dungeons and quests. City of Steam online события occur in a mysterious world with a complex and rich history. The world is in great danger. You can select character from 10 races (orcs, humans, dwarves, elves, with sub-races of the first three of them) and four classes, so City of Steam play will never be bored! Classes are designed to familiar archetypes, there is also the guardian, sorcerers, specialist melee mages elemental arrows for ranged and priest.

Magicians - these heroes are the rage of the elements, which are capable of directing at enemies Parograd game. Variety of ice, fire and lightning allow them to use a wide range of tactical options.

Arrows - these heroes have certain goals, their skills - accuracy, they also have different capabilities in fire support City of Steam online .

Keepers - this millennial heirs of martial arts, the caretakers of the first line of defense in the game opponents City of Steam [_1_ ].

Channeler - the heroes that move the mechanism to bring their allies to combat harmony punish unworthy blinding radiance and restore their faith in City of [ _2_] Steam online .

Hedlendery - people are pragmatic, engaged in land industry.

Avena - people originally from the Republic Avenos responsible, educated, who prefer a patriarchal society COS game.

Osteny - that religious people, their culture is increasingly torn between the church and the king.

Stoigmari - these are people who are famous for their martial arts, work, in COS game.

DRAUG - the heroes who jealously preserve their wealth and influence of the noble houses, they do not like to leave their old estates.

Riven - it nobles who seek fortune and glory in battle, and the high society and the government used to glorify their ancient homes in City of [ _3_] Steam online .

Goblins - green-skinned creatures, the fastest, most cunning and the smallest in the game City of Steam .

Hobbes - is disciplined people with longstanding military tradition.

Orcs - this is the most powerful characters COS game.

City of Steam online is interesting and detailed description of the world in the style of steampunk. Graphics, on the other hand, is a bit crude per modern standards. In addition, the game settings City of Steam rather limited, because you can only choose the hair color and hairstyle options, and also items such as glasses and hats for the characters. The type of weapon and clothes seem to be based on your choice of class and race in the game City of Steam , so while, as the gunners use only shield and gun, others are available only two pistols.

It is clear that the game Parograd is in development and a lot can change, for example, when you create a character customization.


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