Clan Wars

Alternative names: Clan War

Clan Wars online - is a multiplayer role-playing game, which is set in Medieval Scotland: bloody battles between clans highlanders.

Online game Clan Wars is a browser-based, so it does not download and install additional programs and does not raise specific system requirements to the computer player. You just need to have an Internet connection and Internet browser current version.

Join in the game Clan Wars differs from registrations in other games. To begin with Clan Wars Online registration will ask you to introduce yourself and specify your gender, and then immediately call for the fight training. So you can determine whether you get this type of game or not, and feel the excitement of a thrilling battle. After the battle, check Clan Wars will ask you to fill in the standard fields in the registration form: name and sex you've already written, it remains to enter your e-mail box and choose a password.

Clan Wars online game built on battles. Therefore, you will be given a character, the main purpose of which - most effectively fight. Therefore, your task when you begin to play the game Clan Wars Online is the proper distribution of its characteristics, the game called articles. Your character will be the

- Force (responsible for stamina and punching power)

- Dexterity (need to figure uvorotlivosti and antiuvorotlivosti)

- Intuition (responsible for a critical hit and the ability to antikritu)

- Life (very important for the amount of armor worn)

- Intelligence (required to read runes and important in some professions)

Clan Wars online game divides weapons into classes, to which it refers prefers character weapons: a hammer, a club, an ax, a knife, a spear and a sword.

Each class has its own specific performance and capacity. Old-timers are advised to read the game forum to decide what tactics of warfare suits you best. Just two of them: defense and attack. In one move, you can make one attack hit and put a protective unit.

As soon as you start playing the game online Clan Wars, your fighter will gain experience by fighting with a computer bot. This battle mode is available before you reach level 3. Although, if you are not very interesting fight with artificial intelligence, level 1 you can already participate in duels - one on one battle with another player. A co 2 levels you can already be a member of a chaotic battle, during which fighting will be randomly reassigned to the team.

After each successful battle, when you're in Clan Wars to play, your character will gain experience, which affects the level and getting ups - special glasses that enhance your features. Also with every fight you will increase skill with weapons.

From the second level, you can join a clan and participate in special clan battles - the battles for the Guardian. The winning party gets various trophies, prizes and bonuses.

In the game there are many different locations - places and territories, each of which carries a game function. This

- Bank

- Guild hunters

- Outland

- Forest

- Dark wood,

- Quarry

- Mine

- Gambling house.

Play Clan Wars and make your character on the weapons, armor and other things you will be able to have 2 levels. Professions such: sorcerer, lumberjack, miner, Rockshaper.

To do this you need to go into the forest, mine or quarry. Working hours of the character - hour. It can operate completely without tools, with the repaired instrument or beyond repair tool. Depends on this resource extraction in the workplace and the corresponding increase in skill.

If you are interested in the game with a good opportunity to fight and feel the support of his clan, the Clan Wars for you.


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