Clash of Kings (CoK)

Alternative names: CoK

In the background of the Middle Ages: game Clash of Kings CoK.

If you are looking for an exciting, dynamic, exciting strategy in real time, pay attention to Clash of Kings CoK. It was developed by Elex Wireless for mobile devices as a multi-user product. To join the numerous lucky ones who already own their own kingdom in unlimited virtual spaces, it's time for you to download Clash of Kings CoK. With it, your buildings will improve faster, resources will accumulate more quickly, and the army will become invincible in just a few game coins. Also you can download Clash of Kings CoK on the computer, which, undoubtedly, will please many gamers.

Features of the game

  • Development of the Kingdom
  • PVE attacks and PVP battles
  • Competition between players for prizes and awards
  • Game Clash of Kings CoK is a classic example of MMO toys, but with unique features.

    • Recommended since the age of 12 years
    • Usually updated
    • In addition to ordinary soldiers in the army can consist of dragons
    • Spectacular battles with the enemies
    • Capture of enemy territories
    • Protection against intrusion
    • Increasing of resources
    • You have to build different kinds of buildings, each of which is important for a successful advance. Main buildings:

      • School Territory
      • Properties
      • Military Fort
      • Heill rigs


      • Rubber
      • Blacksmith's shop
      • Fontan
      • Lock
      • Military Lobby
      • City Walls

      With them you can hire soldiers, buy equipment, train skills.

    • Casars
    • College
    • Station
    • Holehold

    other buildings:

      You can not do without the resources necessary for the construction and production of goods that are mined on farms and mines. Also, you need residential homes for ordinary citizens, and the more production buildings, the more people will need.

      Clash of Kings CoK game offers such types of troops:

      • She is the bravest guys, because they participate in close combat and are least protected, but are armed with swords and spears.
      • Cavalry Horse Guards, equipped with peaks and bows. Although they also participate in close combat, more mobile and faster.
      • Soldiers siege weapons, throwing arrows and stones. Also used are powerful battering rams, planting strong gate locks. They can be compared to a tank, against which it is difficult to resist.
      • Archers are archers and one of the elite squads.

      As already mentioned, you will have a dragon. He is an excellent assistant in business, and he can be sent to the collection of tribute, which will further strengthen your status and greatness.

      The CoK game provides relative freedom of action. But if you prefer to settle conflicts peacefully, then this is not provided. All friction is resolved sharply sharpened article, so that war will become your constant companion. But you can join alliances and attack the bored neighbor with the whole crowd. Chat is possible only within the allied groupings, so that you will not be able to communicate with the victim beforehand. But to discuss the plan of attack with friends, it's no problem.

      You can discover new lands and civilizations, where you can always find unique artifacts and knowledge. Your main task is to become one of the most influential, powerful lords, with whom all others are considered. With competent government, this is an achievable idea.


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