Clone Wars Adventures

Alternative names: Clone Wars Adventures

Clone Wars Adventures online - free browser MMO RPG game where users to be involved in the exciting Star Wars. Game developer is a company Sony Online Entertainment , publishers - the guys from LucasArts Entertainment . In the plot of the game put the second and third part of the legendary Star Wars. Galactic Republic can not cease hostilities and to leave alone and separatist droid army. At the same time, the Jedi Order, which directs the clones, eager to find out the secret of the lord Sidious (Sith Lord). Those who will play in Clone Wars Adventures , thus joining the wildness controversial events, there will be no free minutes. The inhabitants of this extraordinary world boredom is unknown! In addition, all event pleases the eye gorgeous design. Beautiful cartoon graphics instantly cheer up even the most sullen user. Generally Clone Wars game with its numerous quests, social event and character customization is more suited to teenagers. But growns often serious people wanting to relax at leisure, addicted to an online project. In the long list of mini-games, everyone can find something for themselves attractive. Try it - do not have to regret!

What will it take to get the opportunity to attend a vivid game world? First, Clone Wars registration, during which you enter in the appropriate line desired shape certain information (username, password, email address). Creating akkakunt, be prepared for the fact that you are required acceptance of our User Agreement. Secondly, you should check whether the computer meets the following configuration: operating system Windows XP or Windows Vista ; processor Intel Pentium 4 (or more) video Radeon 8500 / GeForce 3 Series ; least 512 MB [ _2_] RAM. If everything is OK, you will be transported safely in the magical atmosphere of the game world.

Starting Clone Wars to play the Federation side, you'll be fighting with clones. Just think, you will fight side by side with your favorite characters of the animated series of the same name! Be in the same ranks as Anakin Skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi, Yoda and Ahsoka Tano - for the honor of any admirer of Star Wars. Besides meeting with legendary heroes, you expect loyal friendship with other players. Each user will be able to find yourself a fellow spirit, which is always a nice chat in his spare time.

So what exactly is cooked game Clone Wars Adventures ? On canonical locations for the series can be a lot of different events. After the game Clone Wars - is, first, the most interesting mini-games, to help you take part in races on the speeder, lightsaber duel, space battles, shooting competitions . Job and will be for those who like to loaf. For example, if you are attracted intricate puzzle? Second, it's personal home construction and its development. So you can beat the house to your taste. The choice of furniture - one of the most enjoyable moments, so do it slowly. Incidentally, in the house you will drive guests. It is better to pay enough attention to the interior, so as not to screw up in front of friends. Third, is the presence in your life virtual pets. That is, everyone can have a droid companion, which is considered pretty cool. Besides his circle of functionality can be extended, in other words - tuned.


Dear fans of lighthearted adventure, you are always free to decide when and how to play this game. No to anything you do not oblige. If you have been looking for employment without further tightening straining, World Clone fit well! Let meet all your expectations!


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