Clash of the Dragons

Alternative names: CoD

Game Clash of the Dragons is a browser-based online game that relates to card games.


In browser-based online game Clash of the Dragons registration is done through a special website of the game Clash of the Dragons, as well as through the well-known social network on the Internet - Facebook. Register online game Clash of the Dragons comes in English.

To register, visit online game Clash of the Dragons You will need to carry out the following steps:

1) Find the official website of the game Clash of the Dragons. Once you go to the site will see a login form on your account.

2) On this form, you will need to click «Register» to register.

3) Then before you Once clicked, the registration form itself. Fill it out carefully.

4) In the first line, enter your Email (your email address).

5) Then select the second row Password (your password). It for the security of their personal page can not tell anyone.

6) Then write Usename (your user name).

7) Read the terms, which are located below. If you are satisfied with everything in them, mark them. To do this, press the mouse button over the cells, which are opposite of those provisions.

8) Then click on «Register».

Now you are considered a registered user of interesting and instructive game Clash of the Dragons.


Play the game Clash of the Dragons Only users who are registered on the site. Due to the fact that the game Clash of the Dragons is a browser-based online game, the most attention should be paid to you connect to the Internet, it must be high.

System Settings PC or laptop must be at least average.


Upon entering the game, you will be asked to create your avatar.

In the online game Clash of the Dragons play you can select one of the classes:

1) Weapon-based - it's combat class.

2) Magic-based - this class possesses magical powers.


By Weapon-based include the following characters:

1) Guardians - they are always at the forefront of the melee. This class stand firm together with its allies during the line and defies any attack enemies who dare to attack them.

2) Assassins - follow the path of daggers. They prefer to make sudden, unexpected attacks - and deliver with ruthless violence and cunning speed and accuracy.


Magic Magic-based class include:

1) Pyrelords - uses magic art, and relies on his secret powers, when the battle is raging. They especially love to manipulate flame, using a destructive element for attack and defense.

2) Druids prefer to live in the wilds and spend their days communing with nature. But when the battle calls them, and enemies to be destroyed, they can use the enormous power.


Clash of the Dragons online - this is a game with lots of surprises. Sign in Clash of the Dragons for free and enjoy the game!


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