Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Alternative names: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is an exciting multi-platform computer game. Play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, you can, as single-user mode, and in the network.

Download Call of Duty 4 are from the official website of the game or any other one that provides such access. Download game Call of Duty 4 may only grown users. Access to the game for underage users closed.

You have a unique opportunity to see the game Call of Duty 4 video. In all the videos about the game you can learn a lot of useful information for yourself, characters, missions, and many other classes.

Game Call of Duty 4 will acquaint you with all of your characters. All the characters are divided into several groups:

1. Protagonists. They include five people: John "Soap" Paul Jackson, John Price, U.S. military aircraft operator, Yasser Al-Fulani.

2. Antagonists. K antagonists include: Imran Zakhayev Victor Zakhayev, Khaled al-Assad.

3. Minor characters. Only twenty-seven minor characters in the game.

In-Game Call of Duty 4 pc is a different amount of various weapons. In this game, it is divided into various groups:

1) Primary Weapon:

- Assault rifles;

- Guns;

- Sub-machine guns;

- Sniper rifles,

- Shotguns.

2) Secondary weapon:

- Knives;

- Pistols.

3) Demolitions

- Grenades

- Mines;

- Grenade launchers.

4) Accessories:

- Muffler;

- Night vision device;

- Handle;

- Sights;

- Grenade launchers.


In-Game Call of Duty 4 missions have different classes of characters.

You can play the game CoD4 Modern Warfare different character classes:

1) Assault - a class whose main weapon is a machine gun with a grenade launcher;

2) The Saboteur is a class that has a sub-machine gun and explosives;

3) Gunner - a class of characters that has a gun and stun grenades

4) Squad is a character who has a shotgun and explosives;

5) Sniper - this is the tricky class weapon which has a sniper rifle and light grenades.

CoD4 Game earned advantages thanks to its network mode

1. Free play. This is the mode in which you play only for themselves, while gaining points for the destruction of their enemies.

2. Team Deathmatch. The main purpose of this mode is the extermination of the other team members.

3. Championship. In this mode, you have to grab flags that were placed on the map, and you have to hold on to its strengthening.

4. Headquarters. In this mode, you have to capture and hold staffs who are constantly appearing in various places maps.

5. Sabotage. In this mode, you must set a bomb at the enemy and not to give his opponents to defuse it before the timer expires.

6. Search and Destroy. In the attacking side a goal - set a bomb on objects and not give it to neutralize. Defending party must not be allowed to set a bomb or should neutralize it.

CoD4 Modern Warfare game for real heroes.


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