Call of Duty: Black Ops

Alternative names: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Game Call of Duty: Black Ops is an exciting computer game, which is developed in three-dimensional space. This game is the seventh in a series of computer games Call of Duty, actions which occur in the first person.

Download CoD Black Ops you can from the official site of the game if you have a full eighteen years. Juvenile Internet users access to the game is closed.

Before the game, you have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with all the features of the game, seeing about CoD Black Ops video. Movies tell you about the characters, weapons, and much more.

CoD Black Ops game immersing you into the world of fascinating characters:


1. Alex Mason is the main hero of the game. He is the captain of the U.S. Marine Corps, and he is a special agent of the CIA.

2. Viktor Reznov is a common character of the Soviet campaign. He was a great captain of the Red Army.

3. Jason Hudson is the curator Mason when he returned from Vorkuta. He's a real special agent of the CIA.

4. Captain Moseley is a major partner Neytcha. He's the best pilot, who controls the plane SR-71.

5. Major Neytch partner is Captain Moseley. He is also a great pilot who controls the plane SR-71.

The above-described characters - protagonists in this game.

Then you can get acquainted with the antagonists

1. Nikita Dragovich is the main antagonist of the game. By rank he Maj. Gen.. In the end, it kills Alex Mason.

2. Lev Kravchenko is assistant Dragovic. This character in the rank of colonel.

3. Frederick Steiner is a German scientist. He currently Gruppenfuhrer SS.

4. Soviet officer (Vorkuta) is a warden in a terrible prison camp. He attacked Reznova, but it killed Mason.

5. Soviet officer (Revenge) is an officer of the Soviet Special Forces. Career he favored lieutenant. This character was also killed Mason.

6. Castro is a dummy double glazed Fidel Castro. Mason also killed him.

7. Fidel Castro is a prime ministrm Republic of Cuba.

The game CoD Black Ops weapons diverse and each character has its own weapons. The game represented the following types of protection and attack

1. Assault Rifles - 14 species.

2. Submachine guns - 14 species.

3. Light machine guns - 10 types.

4. Sniper Rifles - 7 species.

5. Shotguns - 8 species.

6. Handguns - 6 species.

7. GRENADE - 6 species.

8. Special weapons: knives, crossbows.

In CoD Black Ops game play you'll be on different game cards and can choose any game mode to your liking.

Many players may be interested in a new game mode "Bids". In this mode, you play the version of the maps. This mode presents four types of game bets.

Call of Duty: Black Ops game that has earned immense popularity in the gaming world. Even small children know about its existence.

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