Call of Juarez

Alternative names: Call of Juarez

Game CallofJuarez long before its official presentation caused in the ranks of gamers and critics serious suspicions. In the project's success is frankly not many believed. Studio Techland until this project exclusively with the genre racing , and now decided to radically change the direction of development and try to pretend [_3_ ] FPS . The second reason that caused suspicion among gamers - Polish developer competence. Most people simply do not fit in the head, as the Poles can tell the story of Texas cowboy. As you can see, there's ace in the hole Techland . The game turned out really high-quality and interesting.

Most gamers on the question of what the key to success of any game, answer, without hesitation, that it is competent storytelling - designed to detail parts and all kinds of nuances. In CallofJuarezрс developers were able to do everything exactly the way it is like the players. First, they were able to arm themselves with the maximum amount of useful information, clearly displaying the events of the Wild West. Second, they made a wise decision to submit all the secrets of the plot is metered. That is, do not even expect that you will be able to guess what will be the final game, trying to play it for five minutes. In this project, new story lines open when the time comes for that. The plot looks balanced throughout the game.

To start the game, you will need the game client CallofJuarezскачать. The procedure is simple and fast, especially if you use torrent trackers. After entering the project you will be introduced to the main characters of his: from brave lad Billy living adventures preacher Ray, compelled to take on the role of Arbiter after the brutal murder of his brother, and many others.

In the game you will meet a large number of small scenes. All shown in CallofJuarezвидео anyway might affect the development of the plot. Listen attentively to all parts of dialogues and eat unmatched atmosphere westerns. The game was created so realistic that all the emotions the characters willy-nilly, and the player is going through. Some critics have allowed themselves gamer even compare your project with excellent written book, which can be read for days without stopping.

Is pleasant and the fact that CallofJuarezиграть will be interested in it due to mixing different genres. The project could be implemented in all the most interesting ideas. In addition, each item in the overall context looks quite organically - it is a merit-quality processing.

Deserves special attention horse protagonist that looks so realistic that the first few minutes after it appears on the screen Call of Juarez , gamers have to spend on learning it.


To imagine how it looks in reality you just need to download and test this game - believe me, you will not regret!


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