Call of Juarez Gunslinger

Alternative names: Call of Juarez Gunslinger

Game CallofJuarezGunslinger– continuation of the famous project. The new part of the developers was decided to abolish the Mexican drug cartels intrusive regime of good cop, bad cop. In this game, everything will return to normal, the project will meet again for its classic familiar to many norms and standards.

CallofJuarezGunslingerрс begins with the fact that in one of the smaller saloons comes canny old cowboy who actually turns legendary thug Silas Greaves. Visitors saloon, naturally could not just walk past the famous cowboy, so the old man fell down thousands of requests to talk about his life, to share at least a couple of the most interesting and naveivayuschih horror stories. Actually, it looks like tie our new project. All in CallofJuarezGunslingerдуэли, fights and surgery - is old memories Greaves. At each new level, a new story seems gamers violent youth cowboy.

To start the game you must first download CallofJuarezGunslinger. Immediately after the installation of the project and the beginning of the game you will feel a little uncomfortable. The fact that such a track record, like Silas Greaves in the game Call of the Juarez not had to meet even the most serious of Hollywood westerns. All characters mentioned by the old cowboy, arise in the game only to immediately disappear from it forever. However, given the graphics and overall design of the game, eventually everything starts to look quite harmoniously and perfectly acceptable.

Continue our CallofJuarezGunslingerобзор remark that even exaggerated dignity cowboy stories about Greaves do not spoil the overall impression, on the contrary - they create a unique atmosphere. Besides setting discharges thin cowboy humor, which game is imbued through and through - sarcastic jokes apply to all situations and characters. Once you get into this atmosphere of the project, you will understand the whole meaning of the story. After this play CallofJuarezGunslinger would be much more interesting, because now you will understand what the story behind the emergence of a cowboy in a saloon and why he now lives.

In the new part of the project all the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the protagonist, here he has no support - all missions and tasks have to perform alone. What is the truth, "loneliness" hero compensated by the possibility to obtain different skills that can be developed independently. Greaves will learn studio shooting two guns, a shotgun and possession of skillful techniques melee or sniper case.


Even from developers prepared to CallofJuarezGunslingerвидео-трейлера shows that the hero can normally earn experience points, thereby increasing the level and spend earned skills development. Earn skill points is quite simple - the main task to perform and not be afraid to take any job offered.


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