Alternative names: Collapse

Collapse - the game that meets all the best traditions of militants made by a third party. During gameplay gamer can use a few basic types of melee. In addition, the project offers to try his luck with a gunshot and plasma weapons. As advised by experienced players who have already had to deal with the game, quite efficiently and effectively are energoudary.

All the basic steps in the project are in the vast modern real world. game tells us about the fate of alternative history of mankind. The main character named Rodan was able to use this key to get to the center of the anomaly. So he was able to accomplish its mission on its own shoulders only partially.

In the play you have to collapse, contemplating the events that occur after the anomaly is not shattered thousands of small particles, and from it broke a lot of new monsters. However, Rodan and survived. Now the hero is between the monsters, criminal gangs and the military. His main task - to get rid of this hell.

Priotkroem little veil of secrecy and tell you that the collapse - a game that will show us the events occurring after the terrible disaster that happened in 2013. After that, most of the land has changed, now it looks more like some mysterious zone anomalies that existed previously only in science fiction stories and novellas. Almost all life on earth died, people were going crazy, and the true cause of the incident could not find one.

To the game started and you will need to download the Collapse and install on your computer. Once the game is installed you will be able to join the project. From there you will learn that the so-called exclusion zone appear terrible demons. And the residents of the city, realizing that to cope with this force they can not chose to just cordon fence land serious - put concrete slabs, the area around the minefields to organize and arrange wherever possible guns automatic response.

Collapse can download it for only one high-quality graphics. All paints transferred appropriately, creates specific atmospheric mood. You have to carry out tasks and missions, playing Rodan. Powerful character who is endowed with supernatural powers. He lives in the exclusion zone, because at the time the parents have not been able to evacuate in time. Having seen him, have come to understand that this man is able to restore justice and to restore order.

Mechanics of the game is simple, it can be understood from the shot to the collapse of the video trailer: the main character has different weapons to the enemy, armed with knives, you can use a sword, and those who shoots necessary to "reciprocate". These rules will help you quickly achieve success in the game. Sure the project will entice you to stay. Do not believe me, check for yourself!


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