Colere des Dieux

Alternative names: Colere des Dieux

Game Colère des Dieux - is a strategy game in real time.

Colère des Dieux online - it free browser-based game, which has revolutionized the world MMORPG. Against War you must manage their kingdom and cause army [ _2_] world filled Dungeon dragons and monsters.

Colère des Dieux registration presented in French, as the actual interface of the site. In order to register in the game you must do the following:

1. To find the online game's official website Colère des Dieux.

2. At the top you will see the site in the form of an inverted trapezoid. It click « Inscription ».

3. At the beginning of the form appears, you will be given the opportunity to register via facebook.

4. To register simply through the site, you must write the first line of your email. It should combine the - ten to fifty characters.

5. Weigh password. It shall consist of six to twenty characters.

6. Repeat to enter the password.

7. Click on the white box to confirm that you agree to all terms of the site.

8. Make one-click the left mouse button « Confirmer ».

Now you are registered.

Play Colère des Dieux You must be through an Internet browser, so no additional download the game client is not necessary. Check before you start playing a network connection to the Internet.

In Colère des Dieux play You will be at peace gods You can to select one of the three races man, elf and dead .

Once You choose a race, you will need to build new buildings . Some of them provide access to new units other promote maximum amount population or [ _2_] gather resources . Extend your kingdoms buying or improve other infrastructure . Each building has its own level actually so you can climb . Use. In ll resources that are needed for increase armies to explore the world.

In the main window in the game, there are many ways to become VIP . You can quickly become VIP , pressing in the upper left corner of the game your avatar with inscription " VIP". In addition, you can open store and click on "VIP" the in the upper right corner store.


1. Energy more points: 450 for VIP players.

2. Automatic reconstruction of the army removes the need to click on the character. Adding units after the battle.

3. 24 hours of training: to increase the duration of training and the collection of income up to 24 hours

4. Discounts in the shop: 20% discount on most items in the store.

5. No fee: no charge for the sale of goods to the auction house.

Colère des Dieux free - this game is only for these strategists who are not afraid of difficulties and strive for greater success.

Sign in the game Colère des Dieux and learn a lot about the ancient universe, when the gods ruled the world. Let Colère des Dieux you get lucky, and you will pass all the tasks.


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