Command & Conquer

Alternative names: Command & Conquer

Command & Conquer Online - fantastic multiplayer strategy browser game with elements of MMO. This is a universe where the struggle for boils most valuable energy - Tatsid that stole bold mutants of GDI headquarters. Now the two factions, which together not very reconciled, forced to work together to win from the ill-fated Tatsid FORGOTTEN. In a huge pyramid in the center of the world insidious monsters hid this resource and are trying not to let go of persistent players. But since the energy Tatsida promotes military technology, the inhabitants of Command & Conquer online ready to go ahead just to get it. Choose which side will play Command & Conquer and strive to win world domination. You can join the Global Security Council or to the Brotherhood of NOD. But, in spite of the fact in which you will be composed, do not turn from the path leading to his goal - to move from the suburbs to the center of the world, than to accumulate more resources and gain influence in the harsh virtual space.

Command & Conquer game will be available to you after created an account on the official site. Register Command & Conquer requires following fields:

  • Email
  • Password (repeat)
  • Player name
  • Birthday
  • Country
  • Language

Right there you can make a subscription to the exciting news. Also, you must agree to the rules and privacy policy. Of course, you can free download Command & Conquer. But when it is desired. Actually, the game works fine without installing a client. The main thing - a modern browser that supports HTML5. In addition, there is a certain list of the minimum system requirements for the game. To the gameplay is not buggy, your computer must meet the following parameters:

  • OS Windows XP / Vista ( Service Pack 1) 32-bit
  • Dual-core processor ( Core 2 Duo 2,4 GHz or Athlon [_2_ ] X 2 2.7 GHz)
  • Compatible with DirectX 10. 1zvukovaya map
  • Video card with 512 MB of memory is compatible with DirectX 10. 1
  • RAM 2 GB Hard Drive 20 GB

Play Command & Conquer you start small. Somewhere on the outskirts you will allocate 6 acres of land that can be used for building database. You can engage in the first 6 days of the erection of important objects, without worrying that your initiatives will be destroyed, not having to get stronger. On freshman no one can attack. So quietly working to improve their possessions, and then be able to think about advancing closer to the center. By the time the territory goes over your protective dome, you must be prepared to defend and attack. True, the first attack can only FORGOTTEN. Only with the development will open access to the more serious battles. So you eventually move to the battle against the outposts, but in the end without fear of challenge other players. If you can conquer the enemy base, C & C game will please a large gain in the form of useful resources. Also, due to the conquests you expand your land. But if you decide to attack, and it fails, keep in mind that the risk of losing their hard-acquired good.

What resources proposes to use the Command & Conquer for free? This Tiberius for erection of buildings on the basis of their improvement crystals to build units of defense and attack, Electricity, which is used in war, and construction loans in exchange for Tiberius and crystals. Command & Conquer also play online you will be accumulating points research, command and supply. All it takes for such purposes as research new units and structures to improve the combat forces, the ability to produce an attack. But there is in the game and a special currency called funds, which need to spend real money. Holders of funds have the right to conduct attacks one after another. Thus, the opponents do not have time to recover, to adequately reflect the often repeated attacks. But you something that it should be! You can conquer the enemy base and enjoy the fruits of their labors. And this is just one example of the benefits of donated funds. This game currency will open a lot of opportunities and really make you stronger. In addition, the development process will be much faster.

Command & Conquer online game does not limit you in choosing opponents. You can even compete with members of their same faction. Here it is in order. If you do not hit someone, go on the offensive and show what they are capable. To win, you need to learn to take into account various factors. Contributes to the success of properly developed strategy, cunning tactics, successful placement of troops foresight in placing buildings on its territory, and more. Only those who get the hang of all the combine will be able to get to the heart of the world, to dominate and enjoy its significance.

As for alliances, Command & Conquer game browser allows to unite not only with the native faction, but also with the players the opposite side. Together you can make much more. Make the same unscrupulous monsters tremble with fear, and other gamers respect your union! Work out with his friends dizzying feats! Suppose you are lucky enough to realize conceived plans!


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