Alternative names: ConquerX2

ConquerX2 game is browser-based online game in which you will expand your empire in outer space. In this game you need to create a powerful fleet.

Game ConquerX2 registration under the force of any user. To register you must meet the following requirements:

1) Give us your email address and user name.

2) Write your nickname and password.


To play the game you must ConquerX2 so to gain power and influence. To do this, you first need to develop good infrastructure and a large number of raw materials.

So you need to collect a variety of minerals and crystals, as well as to build a building, building spaceships to engage and recruit soldiers. Efficient production of the resource is the first step to your own empire.

To expand its borders in ConquerX2 you should play attacking other planets, and because of this you bude becomes successful.

For this you need to send your Starfleet battle against other players.

Over time, your army ConquerX2 online will become more and more, but at the same time, you can quickly lose their fighters when they cross the galaxy. Game developers are always working to optimize asset management fleet. So there is a science - fiction game ConquerX2, for example, has an alarm that notifies you at a certain time.

Of course, you must defend your planet from enemy attacks. Otherwise, all your services go unnoticed and you will quickly lose.

In game ConquerX2 have a lot of defensive towers and other facilities. In addition, you make in the game dozens of quests that send you to the most distant part of the galaxy. Thus, you will improve your character and his troops.


Game ConquerX2 online you can get acquainted with such resources

1. Population is very important resource. Thus, main growth is the increase population.

2. Crystal used for many parts production (especially parts [ _30_] engine vessel ) and various and structures defensive towers .

3. Gas is also used for various industries , but its most important use - it for service Interior systems vessels during travel. Marine transport vessel , such as vessel to attack requires more gas because laser cannons that used Marines, working gas . Gas also requires in large quantities to manage multiple courts.

4. Marines are also considered an important resource because they are the last line of defense of the planet.

Even when the sky is dominated by winning the battle fleet, the planet can not be occupied if the Marines on the ground were not depressed.

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