Contract Wars

Alternative names: Contract Wars
Game Contract Wars - truly legendary project especially dear to our compatriots. The fact is that as a game developer made the Russian team of programmers working on the company Absolut Soft. The project is universal and can easily work in a browser (to date the game is available for four different social networks), that is, without the need to download the client and based on the full version online. As critics have already noticed, the game is made with high quality and cool. At least at this stage, it shows itself positively from all sides. Contract Wars - shooter, made in 3D mode from the first person. Project is based on modern technology Unity 3D. The game tells us the fascinating story of the wonderful world of the future. And the developers have decided to not getting too far away, so you can only look with one eye in the near future. Games legend says that all problems requiring military intervention, now resolved exclusively through private military campaigns. All military battalions Contract Wars online equipped with the latest technology. The composition of the Special Forces includes only the strongest representatives of different countries. Ongoing military operations - one more beautiful than the other, all require extraordinary courage. Amplify the same fighting spirit as to better weapons, upgraded machinery. Kotrakt Wars game will tell you also that these troops was formed a few. And since every corporation - a collection of ambitious and motivated soldiers, rivalry between them, it seems, was simply impossible to avoid. You will observe and participate actively in the conflict that erupted between the two most powerful corporations - BEAR and USEC. The first is increasingly composed of representatives of the CIS countries and the Russian Federation, the second - the Americans and Europeans. Each troop has a corresponding uniform, distinctive symbols. Before you start to play Contract Wars, you will need to choose the most suitable way to play, to be precise, before the gameplay you will need to determine the order in which of the proposed social networking, you will be more comfortable to play. Going into the project, you will be immediately struck by its swiftness. So, after a few seconds after your appearance on the battlefield, you will fight with real experienced competitors. It even shows a descriptive video Contract Wars. This caveat, of course, gives the game its own unique charm - no time to relax! You guessed it, the case will have a dynamic gameplay. In addition, the game will give you a realistic - sounds, visual effects - were taken into account even the smallest details. Another advantage Contract Wars - weapons that there are about 60 exclusive unique designs! It seems you have to see it!

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