COSMICS: Galactic War

Alternative names: KosMiks, Galactic War, Cosmics

Game Review Cosmics: Galactic Wars

Cosmics: Galactic Wars online - it's free multiplayer role-playing game in which you will be taken into space.

Online game Cosmics: Galactic Wars makes the following minimum system requirements for the computer player

- High speed internet connection,

- Processor: Pentium IV-2000

- 512 Mb RAM

- Video: 64 MB

- Minimum 700 MB of free hard disk space

- Minimum screen resolution: 1024x768

- Flash Player 10. 0

- No proxy and firewall

- Open port 5432 for adresa cosmics. ru

Join in the game Cosmics: Galactic Wars consists of two steps:

- Authentication and your e-mails,

- Providing personal data (login - desired username, password, sex).

Cosmics: Galactic Wars online registration continues downloading the client - a special program that optimizes Internet traffic, reduces errors in the mapping game. Client is available in several versions - Light (small size) and complete.

Cosmics: Galactic Wars online game in the beginning you postponed the planet on which they live, one of two races: humarty and Aller. These races are distant descendants of people and compete for the planet suitable for habitation. Your task is to help your race win.

When you play the game Cosmics: Galactic Wars online, then you will surely like animated fights. During combat, you will choose the blow to inflict on the enemy. To conduct combat affect a character's

- Protection

- Agility,

- Intuition

- Force

- Standard of living,

- Energy.

To improve the performance, at the time of how you play the game online Cosmics: Galactic Wars is possible due to the growth of the character level (level increases depending on the experience acquired during battles), as well as through the purchase of various items of ammunition. Just your character will be able to apply before the fight various stimulants that increase his chances of winning.

Boy, if you play in Cosmics: Galactic Wars can occur both between real players, and between you and the computer. To activate the latter you need to turn on the hunt and will be reflected on your map all nearby monsters.

Very often you will fight with the opposite race in different areas - from neutral, the conflict in the territories, which have their own rules of engagement.

Game Cosmics: Galactic War online in the cities has several important buildings that are game functions

- Hospital (in which you'll resurrect)

- Store (to buy different things, the availability of which varies depending on your level)

- Auction (you can sell it over things)

- Bank (money exchange),

- Communication Centre (in it you can send a message or sending another player)

- Prison (it contains the game rules violators).

To make it more interesting in Cosmics: Galactic Wars play in the game, there are many computer characters that will give you a variety of quests - ingenious job, during which it is necessary and posrazhatsya and smash his head on riddles. For the implementation of each quest you will rely unique trophies.

Also in the game your character can have any kind of profession: biologist, geologist, hunter, psy-generic, engineer, biochemist, assassin, medic. Profession can get from the third level of the character. Profession will bring you money and the ability to sell things to their production.

Register Cosmics: Galactic Wars will immerse you in a world of space battles between the two races, and perhaps up to you will depend on your victory of the people.


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