Alternative names: Counter Strike, CS

Counter Strike 1. 6 - the latest version of the popular series of computer games from Valve Corporation. Game Counter Strike is a first person shooter, based on the engine and GoldSrc Source. All games for free Counter Strike available to the general audience of fans of virtual entertainment. This part of the game successfully won the hearts of many users. Nice graphics combined with extensive gaming capabilities. Counter Strike online story is not uniform. There is not one card, the choice of which entails challenging tasks that do not allow to miss even the most active. Additionally, the system of team interaction brings its own flavor to the gameplay, teaches act harmoniously and effectively as possible to achieve joint success. The winners of the awards provided good as currency. And it will agree, is a good incentive to seek victory over our enemies. OD also get some crumbs, but it's not even going to compare with the first extraction. Counter Strike CS - this adventure saturated world in which not only plays the role of luck, but also efforts.

To become a legitimate participant in exciting events, you need to download Counter Strike. There are special programs to help you install the game. Main highlight a new folder on your computer, because the install Counter Strike online over the installed game is strictly prohibited. Additionally, you must visit the official website, where registration is carried out Counter Strike. Create a new account, please fill in the following fields: username, password, repeat password, email address, code picture. Besides all this, it should be noted that there are certain minimum requirements that must be met PC. So no problems playing Counter Strike, you need the following parameters: operating system Windows XP; 500 MHz processor, sound card, video card with 16 MB memory, 96 MB of RAM. Make sure that everything is in order, choose the vending side, take up arms and commit their exploits!

As the game CS - this is a confrontation between two warring parties, you should join one of them. Decide for yourself, whether righteous or unconscionable terrorist commandos. Matter what part you enter depend operated gaming activities. There are three major cards where there are the hottest events. This VIP Assassination (terrorists trying to kill VIP , and riot police - bring it to a safe area), Hostage Rescue (commandos rescued hostages and terrorists pose with noise) and Bomb / Defuse (terrorists must explode a bomb threat, and commandos to neutralize the contrary). Of course, in addition to these, there are other locations, but these cards are most in demand. At the end of the mission game CS 1. 6 fairly distributes well-deserved awards.

To spend your hard earned money can be a special buy-zone. Then sold them all, including weapons and other useful items. As for the armory, here there and pistols, and shotguns, and edged weapons, bombs and grenades and assault rifles. Also you need and items such as a police shield (Shield), armor (Armor), plus helmet armor (Armor + Helmet), night vision goggles (Night-Vision Goggles), pliers (Defuse Kit ). The more your financial opportunities - so solidly packed. So go for it!

Counter Strike Free provides the opportunity to participate in tournaments. Championships are from amateur to such large-scale as the world, that is, take the best part of the team. If it turns out to be part of one of the professional teams, it guarantees a lot of experiences and rich life. Every free minute to Do will please you the opportunity to play Counter Strike online. Again and again you will seek to return this interesting activities!

Another plus is that Counter Strike 1. 6 game has there are several models of gameplay. They differ in appearance of characters, ie camouflage on maps available jobs. For terrorists, provided such game models as Phoenix Faction (Eastern European), Arctic Avengers, Guerilla Warfare (Swedish) and Elite Crew, and for commandos - Seal Team 6 (U.S.), GSG-9 (German ), GIGN (French), Special Air Service (English). This diversity brings a fresh approach to gameplay and infinitely happy participants.

Join now to their own experience to experience all the features of this beautiful game! The fact that many years of games Counter Strike networks neta not lead to loss of interest by users, speaks for itself. We can only wish you good mood and good luck!


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