Crazy Tribes

Alternative names: Crazy Tribes

Crazy Tribes online - free multiplayer strategy game, post-apocalyptic theme. Players will be transported to the desert, where there most basic vital things. Especially water deficit. All the necessary resources you need to get through hard work, or to find ways how to negotiate with neighbors and barter what you lack. There is another way to buy everything you need in-game currency. But even before it is necessary to save. Conditions surrounding you, formed as a result of a global cataclysm, and has no choice but to try to survive by any means. Moreover, not only to fight for survival, but also to settle comfortably, become stronger neighbors, to feel confidence in the future. - Your task is to develop a city that now at the start and that looks more than a poor little. You break through - believe it! No such difficulties that it would be impossible to cope!

To go back to the bleak atmosphere of the desert and try to change her image Crazy Tribes requires registration. You simply enter your email address and choose a convenient language. Please note that registration agree to receive interesting news. Well, of course, the rules of the project should be in accord. The system requirements can be calm. They are absolutely low and therefore proceed to the gameplay, in principle, can be anyone.

Having Crazy Tribes play, you should be aware that you will be done. To start you base settlement and seek to recreate the technology that is considered terminated. On your shoulders rests the many worries. After all, you will be engaged and construction, and to focus on infrastructure development, and train the army, and to create optimal living conditions for the population. Also need to think about expanding the territory, and thus can not avoid hostilities. And constant headache where to get food - and do go crazy, you can! Do not worry, everything seems difficult only at first glance. Over time, you learn to cope with their responsibilities and decision even the most difficult problems you will not strained!

As for the battles, will fight with other players. Game Crazy Tribes provides the ability to capture the enemy base, robbing those who is weaker than you, but it all and not to miss an important point relating to the protection of his native city. When troops are forming verbena different units so that they, in their roles bring proper use. In the army can be buggy castigators molotovtsy, gunners, scouts, rangers, and other units. However, do not think that other players can only arrange dismantling. There are many gamers are ready to cooperate with you. If you can find a diplomatic approach to those who stand abruptly you - it will be quite beneficial. You decide with whom to enter into alliances with and who do not maintain peaceful relations, play Crazy Tribes - means to follow its own path. Main tune that dream to create a big powerful city will come true!

Here are some buildings that should be in your city. This arsenal, and the atomic cafe, and a protective wall and the laboratory, and the market, and warehouses (for metal, plastic), and the headquarters and biodome. While this list is still incomplete. Any of the buildings has a special mission, and you in turn should keep an eye on the processes taking place in each of them.

Guys from the company Xyrality, which is the developer of the project, tried to make the gameplay fun and varied. I must admit that the task they have coped! You will not have a free moment to get bored. Army, trade, fleet management, taking care of their daily bread ... Plus a considerable list of missions waiting for execution. Eternal cycle of events that you will be pleased to experience during long hours of leisure. Start Crazy Tribes play online right now to make sure its appeal!


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