Alternative names: Create

Processor: 2x1, 8 GHz


Video: 128 MB

Create - impromptu puzzle consisting of 10 locations, not counting the training missions and editor, opening opportunities for the manifestation of fantasy. Each of the locations, which offers us the game Create, has a dozen buildings situated on hovering in the sky on small islands. Each of the islands levels simply dazzles diverse design solutions that are available in the editor mode and everyone will be able to stick in its sole discretion to place flowers or monuments of world architecture, all at the discretion of the player.


Project Create, play which is a pleasure, especially for all the fans of the popular genre in recent years sandbox long entice its variety available for use moves and things. You can arrange absolutely all objects in its sole discretion, and after completion of the design level to take part in solving the puzzles. They are rich and fun, but still have a frame available, so arrange frenzy with thousands of logs falling, will not work. Initially, all jobs will be different complexity - Put the propeller so that he blew on the ball and he was able to fly to a certain place, such as a basket or make a trampoline so that the bike could fly across the chasm. But over time, the complexity of the problems will grow and pass the next level will poraskinut brains.

Making chains

Chains - this is one of the alternative types of puzzles, the essence of which is to collect the greatest amount of a chain of these items in order mission. In the end, we will combine these tedious things in the most impromptu road, which will be the one of your vehicles. Create game opens a wide scope for creative possibilities when creating another chain of the necessary items. Here you can be smart and use only what is needed to achieve the main goal, because even the absence of several elements in the chain could be invisible, if used.


In travel trained developers puzzles Create, play that is fun and easy, and offers the player to participate in the very process of creation. Here you can to make up and implement their own level and their own puzzles. To do this, before the player opened wide list of available sets, divided into categories, sizes and styles. All, you have created levels, you'll be able to share with other fans of the game on the Internet. Compilation of puzzles in Create, and entertaining activity, not less fun than solving them. Here you will be able to turn around at 100% and use all your creativity to make it harder for yourself or for those who will take your puzzle by finding them online. And willing to try their hand at solving the puzzle will be much suitable as a casual game with a colorful, cartoony graphics has a wide range of fans worldwide. Cheerful and kind game would be a great way to pastime for children and growns lovers solutions simple but captivating puzzles.


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