Alternative names: Crossroad

Game Crossout: A World Without Compromise

Game Crossout, this is a unique novelty in the genre of MMO-action, where the action takes place in a mad post-apocalyptic world.

you are waiting for the present design office, which itself is to lead. Each player own workshop, in which he works wonders, from individual materials collecting a formidable machine, and then animating it. Just imagine the opening potential of such a lesson! Your mission is clear - to shoot and win, to survive in a space where there are no people left. Connect fantasy and come up with unique equipment to become stronger than the enemy. Now you are the leader of steel self-propelled soldiers who do not know fear, moving to the enemy, surrounding it and destroying it.

Take care of the details for melee and ranged combat. You will need cars for different tasks lighter and heavier. Some will perform quick maneuvers and reconnaissance, while more formidable forces are pulled up.

Contact with players

Improved and unique designs can be offered to other players at auction. Be creative and bold so that your product is in demand. Coming up a disguised machine, arrange a real representation of the deadly ballet, splitting into them, cleverly overcoming the rubble of stones, the labyrinths of the remains of walls, open fields, acid bogs. The fight itself also looks spectacular - a gnash of metal, sparks fanning, clods of earth from under the wheels.

Already the first minutes of being in the playing space are charged with excitement and the desire to start acting sooner.


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