Crystal Journey

Alternative names: Crystal Jurney, Crystal Journey

Game Crystal Journey - a fantastic adventure for children

New magical story from the world of anime is ready to tell the game Crystal Journey. The blossoming, beautiful country of Talimore is desecrated by the ruthless Devil with his army of irrepressible demons. Many light knights polished their armor and honed their swords so that under the enemy's relentless pressure to activate the artifacts of defense.

Restored peace allowed the inhabitants of Talimore to rest a little from the war. But, remembering the treacherous attack of the enemy, they remained on guard, and this is good, because the dark forces again began to stir. They took their defeat as an insult, and they want to take revenge.

The devil has developed a new tactic, deciding to inflict the most painful blow to the kingdom - to kidnap the sweet princess Alice, while she carelessly catches butterflies, singing a merry song. A nice girl must be saved-only so will Talimor be happy again. Already thrown a cry to the indifferent and brave warriors, ready to play Crystal Journey, fighting with awesome evil spirits.

Sleeping and settling

Each brave man will be happy in a browser-based adventure toy. Menus and dialogues in Russian, and this will facilitate the understanding of tasks that are generously poured. You will have a dangerous trip, and inevitable encounter with the terrible demons, taking different forms - a giant toad, a pink bird, then some unknown beast.

At the beginning of each participant Crystal Journey is waiting for registration or offer to enter through the Facebook or VKontakte network under the already existing name, where it is possible to:

Select the character, and we go to the beauty salon of Rona to give him an original appearance.

  • Communications
  • Learn at the forum
  • Search for additional information
  • Ask a question
  • Contact information about awards and contests
  • Receive a prize for active promotion on the playing field
There is a salon in the town of Windrain, which is in the Windy Hills. Metamorphosis will begin only after the passage of the"Beauty"quest. After completing this assignment, you will receive a gift from Rona - coupons to the workshop of transformation.

Share the style yourself, or use the random selection function, and then remove the"bird"in the"Display"and you will see all the changes. Approaching the creative transformation must be seriously, because only received coupons give the right to a free visit to the salon. If later you want to fix something, it will be possible only for a fee.

Tools for management

It's time to breathe life into your hero. He is ready to throw himself on the battlefield, sweeping away the dangers and obstacles in the way. It's not enough to equip it with a sharp blade, you need to manage all movements skillfully, and your fingers will have something to do, because management is not just a mouse, but a keyboard, too.

Training guide will help you learn all the buttons, and soon you will automatically find any key, and additional skills with functions are introduced gradually, allowing you to easily adapt to the innovation. The space is the most requested key, and the letters mean useful skills.

    Discover the management of iPlayer Crystal Journey, chat with friends, participate in PVP battles, destroy all monsters and free Alice so she can go to the ball.

  • Warning through the dialogs and confirming the selection
  • Grow up arrow - climb the stairs
  • Grow with down arrow - go down
  • Glass with direction arrow (right / left) - normal jump
  • Double space with direction arrow - long jump
  • Skills and banks: q w e r t y a s d f g h
  • Enter starts automatic movement to the action point or the completed task


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