Cultures Online

Alternative names: cultures online, online game cultures, culture beat online, cultures 2 online

If you are interested in the course of civilization, if you draw on the ancient history of the Vikings, and if you want to be in the shoes of one of them, then the free browser based multiplayer online game Cultures [_1_ ] in the strategy genre - this is what you need. Enjoyable game interface, well-drawn characters, colorful buildings - this is what makes the gameplay enjoyable for the audience. Moreover, the game is fully adapted to the Russian-speaking users and does not require large computer resources. In order to play the game Cultures online you will need a computer

·                    With the operating system Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vistax32/Seven

·                    ПроцессорIntelPentiumIII 1 GHz

·                    Memory 256 Mb

·                    Video 64 MB

·                    Internet connection

·                    Browser

It should be noted that without registration Cultures Online play will not work. But you do not worry because registration in the game Cultures Online standard and will not take much time. First of all, you need to go to the official website of the game and click on the "Register" button. After that a standard registration form where you must enter:

·                     Name

·                     Email

·                     Come up and confirm a password

·                     Read and accept the user agreement

If desired, you can subscribe to the newsletter. On this in your Cultures online registration is over, and you immediately get into the game.

At the beginning you have to choose the game world of the four available

·                     Novgorod

·                     Moscow

·                     Kazan

·                     Tagil

Then Cultures online game asks you to determine the race of the player character.

Their game two

·                     Vikings

·                     Asians

After selecting a race you get to the character creation page, without which it is impossible to play the game online Cultures Online . You have to choose one of six proposed images (3 male and 3 female), and then adapt it for yourself by choosing the color and style of the character. Oh yeah, do not forget to come up with the name of his hero. All that's now possible to play Cultures Online . At the very beginning of the game to you will be put in charge of a game character that will help you deal with management in the game. In the game you have to develop your hero, sending him to battle, but do not forget about the development of the village.

All buildings and facilities in the village are built from a combination of four basic resources that can and should produce

·                     Tree

·                     Stone

·                     Iron

·                     Gold

In addition, the game still presents Points of science that will be needed to develop new technologies and glasses reflecting the mood of the villagers - they are responsible for improving buildings. Independently develop all the resources of the hero in Cultures Online will be difficult, so you should hire the Vikings that you are useful not only for resource extraction.

The game features three types of weapons for each class

·                     Ax

·                     Bow

·                     Sword

The game features a total of five characteristics of the hero

·                     Force

·                     Agility

·                     Luck

·                     Mind

·                     Endurance

For each new level the hero gets 1 point, and for his work in special buildings can improve the performance of

By prepared at the quarry

Mind develop in the laboratory alchemist

Endurance study on iron mine

Gold mine caught luck

Agility obtained at the sawmill

Game Cultures online you can choose characters such as:

·                     Warrior

·                     Berserker

·                     Shooter

Warriors use a one-handed weapon and a shield. When a warrior is at home, it will be useful to work in a sawmill and quarry to develop indicators of strength and agility.

Berserkers prefer two-handed axes that take a lot of effort. Therefore, to Berserker not sitting at home bored, it will be useful to work in the quarry.

Arrows hit the target at a distance, and for this he needs to maintain skills and hit cold mind. Therefore, when the shooter at home, it will be useful to work in the laboratory of the alchemist.

Game Cultures online will offer you conduct battles with monsters, but not only, as the battle against other players in the game provided. Besides the ability to create clans with your friends and clans in turn, get the whole island at your disposal.

Register Cultures Online will open in front of you the opportunity to dive into the unknown world of fun, traveling with friends that you get pleasure.


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