Alternative names: Damoriya

Damoriya Online - a free multiplayer online browser-based game, made in the genre of turn-based browser strategy, the analog world famous game "Heroes of Might and Magic."

If you are not alien magic and deep down you are dreaming of adventures and knightly tournaments own kingdom, the online game Damoria designed just for you.

Perfect the fantasy setting, which gives us Damoriya online game, is another factor that makes you linger long Damoria Online and enjoy the gameplay for hours on end.

Join in the game Damoriya not take much time, and its nice feature is stylized to the gaming world. You need to enter basic information, then you will receive a letter about the activation of the game account and voila - you have a full-fledged resident of this fabulous country. Register Damoriya simple and clear to everyone, even a novice in online gaming.

Damoriya online game, which is a worthy continuation of the series "Heroes" and "Stronghold". Many fans of the genre often complain that the game is no magic component. But we hasten to reassure you, as an alternative here is an alchemical thing, allowing you to create simple, seemingly elements completely magical things.

The economic component, which boasts us Damoriya Online game, worked seriously enough. Once you start to play the game online Damoriya, on the way to the development and acceptance of all of your empire you will need to raise his kingdom by cultivating it, and parallel conducting predatory actions, engaging in internecine wars and conflicts.

Beginners starting to play the game online Damoriya can feel at peace Damorii comfortable and not worry that their growing kingdom at the moment swept away hordes of invaders. To do this game has a certain buffer period during which you will not touch, giving you the opportunity to stand up and make some finance to strengthen the positions of the gaming world.

The game is completely Russified, and the Russian-speaking community in developing it quite rapidly. In spite of this, in the game world every day there are tens of thousands of characters from completely different countries and parts of the globe.

Realizing that for the players is very important strategic component, game developers did their best, coming up with different buildings and units. Forge, stables, training jousting grounds, inns and even restaurants - everything is at your disposal and ready for construction and improvements. Play damoriya knowing this fact, it becomes very interesting. There are even some heavy guns like a catapult. And the soldiers can carry spears, bows, and use, of course, the best swords, but a few of the types of medieval weapons, which is present in the game.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of the initial area. Each of the proposed land has special bonuses when building his castle on it. This refers to the selection carefully! Indeed, in such games as Damoriya play to the mind.

Oddly enough, the game has its logical conclusion. Final stage of development of character in the game is to become the first position in the ranking of players. After this, the need for development is lost, but the real gamers can continue to play, proving their own strength and not letting anyone to encroach on their coveted lead in the list of heroes. Such socialization adds a competitive factor and makes the gameplay more exciting.

In conclusion, it is worth saying that the game is made very high quality, and her peers in the global network is very small. And if the sword on your wall is not yet dusty and your trusty steed is waiting for you at the door of your home, then do not loiter, rather register in the game and prove to everyone that you are worthy to become the strongest hero Damorii!


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