Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter

Alternative names: Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter

Game Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter - is a multiplayer computer game in which you have to fight against those who try to disturb the peace in this world.

Soundtracks in Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter Online was created in epic style.

In the Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter registration will not cause you trouble. It is represented as follows:

1. Go to the game's official website. Home page with an English interface. You can change it, but not in Russian. Russian version has not yet been developed.

2. In the center of the main page in the first cell of the form, enter your email address.

3. Think your generic name for communication on the forum and write it to the next cell.

4. Your password and enter it in the subsequent line. The main thing - remember it.

5. To verify the password, enter it again.

6. Read the items that are listed below form if you agree with them, mark them with a single click on a blank white squares.

7. It then click where it says « kostenlos registrieren »

Just for the game you will need to download a special game client. It weighs in at 3.7 GB.

Play Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter you can with the following system parameters:

1. Processor - Intel Core i March 2100 3.1 GHz .

2. Video card - GeForce GTX 550 Ti.

3. Video memory - 1024 MB.

4. OS - Vista .

5. RAM ( RAM ) - 2GB.

6. Winchester - 5 GB.

7. DirektH 9

In the Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter you'll actually play for free. This means that the game itself is free, but some items can be purchased for real money.

Currently Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter Online is the open beta.

In the game you will meet such classes

1. Master control - they can freeze enemies and stop time.

2. Priests - they have great courage and powerful sorcery, and maybe even some of them are scams.

3. Soldiers handed weapon - have more power battle and hopes to fight on their swords.

4. Warriors guards - they are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect their allies from enemies. They are very prudent and cold-blooded in battle.

5. Robbers magicians - they have precise strokes that cause their opponents.

In the Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter you meet such races:

1. People - they have adapted well and are able to survive in different environments.

2. Dwarves - they are quite resistant race. In appearance can be recognized by short stature and mild overweight. They are strong, tough and decent people.

3. Half-elves - they rarely stay in one place, as fond of traveling. They are true adventurers.

4. Halfling - a small race by number. They are strong, quirky and smart.

5. Wood Elves - they are clever and strong. In combat use deadly arrows.

6. Half-orcs - is good people, which combines the positive qualities of men and orcs.

7. Drow - these people grew up in lies and betrayal.

8. Tieflings - they enjoy the darkness, but on the other hand are afraid of it.

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