DarkFall Online

Alternative names: DarkFall Online

DarkFall Online game is a computer game in the world of fiction, which was created in the style of MMORPG.

Game DarkFall registration takes a little longer than usual. To register in the game you must take the following steps:

1) Find game site DarkFall. He presents in English.

2) You need to then click on the homepage link «Buy now».

3) Then you need to click on "Login".

4) Then You will get the form where you need to click on the link «Register».

5) Then, type in the first row Username (your user name).

6) Enter your Password (password).

7) After that, please enter your password again to confirm it.

8) then Enter E-Mail (e-mail).

9) Following these select First name (your full name).

10) Enter Middle Name (Middle).

11) Write Last name (surname).

12) Select your gender.

13) Enter Date of birth (date of birth).

14) Then select the Country (the country in which you live).

15) Read points as described below. If you agree with them, mark them.

16) Then click on «Register».

After registering, you will need to download the game client and install it. Download is paid.

Play the game online can DarkFall registered users who have computer settings meet the requirements which have been presented by the game developers.

Does your computer performance must not be less than specified:

P4 1. 6 GHz - the processor (CPU).

512 MB - RAM (random access memory).

3D 64 MB - Video (video).

Win2000 or XP, as well as possible Vista - the operating system (OS).


DarkFall Online Game You can play a selected race

1) alfar - their opponents are all other races. They have no allies.

2) Dwarves - People are their allies and Mirdeyny. They fight with them against Mahirimov, Orcs, Alfaro.

3) People - they are allies and Mirdeyny Dwarves. Opponents of this race are considered Mahirimy, Orcs and alfar.

4) Mirdeyny - allies of the elven races are Humans and Dwarves. They are fighting against the Orcs, and Mahirimov Alfaro.

5) Orcs - their only allies - is Mahirimy. And they have a lot of enemies - it alfar, Dwarves, and Men and Mirdeyny.

6) Mahirimy - they are allies of the orcs. Opponents of this race - it alfar and Dwarves and Humans and Mirdeyny.

Game DarkFall online Your character has the following characteristics:

1) Power - it affects the damage that you cause to your opponent, as well as vital points.

2) Intelligence - depends on it magic and manna.

3) Vitality - it affects health. Indicators of increase or decrease.

4) Speed ​​- depend on it blows and the number of shots. And also gives you the opportunity to reduce the damage that gets your character from the enemy.

5) Agility - it affects the possibility of damage and its application.

6) Wisdom - increases the ability in the passing game.


Game Darkfall Unholy Wars is one of the most impressive computer games you could ever see or play


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