Darksiders 2

Alternative names: Darksiders 2

Darksiders 2 game is a continuation of an exciting game full Darksiders. This game combines the styles and spesher role fighter.

You have in the game Darksiders 2 travel the world in search of adventure, fight enemies, solve difficult mysteries, and at the same time to gain experience, new equipment and becomes the most powerful opponent of his enemies.

Download Darksiders 2 you can with the official game site or on another site that provides this access.

Game Darksiders II presupposes registration in a forum where you can chat with other players about the different features of the game.

On the site there is a video game Darksiders 2, which displays the different features of the game.

In order to start playing Darksiders 2 on PC, you will need to first download the game Darksiders 2 from the site. You can also download it via torrent file, but before that you will need to install the appropriate program.


In the video game Darksiders 2 you will have the opportunity to play one of the following characters:

1. Death - is one of the main characters in the game. His brother - it's war. After the war entered into captivity, he went to look for him without warning at the Council. Death is a very tricky opponent, he always tries to be resourceful enemies. To get the soul, Death must have keys of angels and demons.

2. Despair - Death is a true friend. Despair from itself is a warhorse. You will have access to it from the start.

3. Ashes - represented as a bird that resembles a crow. He assistant death matters in different crafty and cruel intentions. Ashes depicted in black and green colors.

4. Old crow - it wisest creature in the game. He knows all the secrets and mysteries. To get help from the Old Crow death had to give an amulet with the souls of the Nephilim. But Crow was not enough, he wanted to destroy this amulet. Death decided to take on Raven, because he could not bear to see the destruction of the amulet. As a result, Death defeated Raven.

5. Absalom - this is the second brother of Death, but they have a bad relationship. After Death killed all Nephilim, Avessal challenged him to a duel and lost. They had the opportunity to meet again in the Source shower, and only here for Avessala battle ended in defeat. Death struck a second time brother.

6. Samael - a demon from the first part. He is the boss and lover Lilith. It has one key to power shower. Samael imagined battle with Death, eventually had to voluntarily give key.

7. Lilith - it's darling and lover of Samael. It was she who created the Nephilim. She helped found Death Samael, but did so for their own benefit. She needed to revive some of the characters that they have sided with Lucifer and were among his army.

8. Vulgrim - this is the usual demon who is engaged in trade. Throughout the game helps in many ways death, and death to him.

Plunge into the world of incredible events Darksiders 2!


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