Dark Souls 3

Alternative names: Dark Souls III, Dark Souls 3
Black Souls 3: gothic fantasy.

The Japanese company From Software keeps a secret information about the continuation to the second part of Dark Souls, giving out it in small portions during festivals, exhibitions and in interviews. From what has become known, there is an attractive picture, and fans are waiting for the game when Dark Souls 3 becomes available. If no otherworldly forces intervene, its release will take place 24. 03. 2016 in Japan, and the rest of the world will wait until April 12 to Dark Souls 3 download.

Complicity of the available data, you can add a mosaic of impressions and facts. To begin with, the Action / RPG game is developed with the open world at the same time for the three most popular platforms:

  • One Xbox
  • Windows
  • PlayStation 4

Distributed game will be on optical discs and with the ability to download Dark Souls 3 on the official website. It has two game modes: multi-user and single-player.

Plugs, conjectures and facts.

In an attempt to find out the nuances of the novelties, the producer of the publishing house in Japan, Atsuo Yoshimura, asked questions about the features of the toy, but he cleverly left the specifics, confirming only that Dark Souls 3 on PCs and other platforms will indeed be difficult to pass from the first minutes. So prepare for a difficult battle in the vast gloomy world.

From the gameplay trailer you can see that the product is imbued with mysticism with recognizable features of Japanese philosophy and mythology. The character wanders through the dilapidated territory of the kingdom, explores the castle, fights against monsters. It is surrounded by gloomy walls, entangled by the dead roots of plants, and above them hangs a dark sky.

Once upon a time, the hero was bewitched, and now he goes to the Kingdom of Dranglik to get rid of his otherworldly nature. To capture mysterious souls, he will have to fight with the supernatural inhabitants of the kingdom, which are already at the very beginning after choosing the starting class and instant immersion into the thick of events.

Grey surprises the seen gray bony inhabitants praying planted on trees bodies and stone statues of dragons. But to admire this spectacle is not destined for long, because it is quickly noticed, and the battle begins.

An innumerable monsters attack the knight, and his sword never goes into the scabbard. The hero is attacked by demons of all colors of the underworld, rebel armies of skeletons, giants encased in armor, mechanical dragons, three-headed hydras grow from the earth.

The project manager Hideataka Miyazaki once said that he liked to introduce dragons at the very beginning of the game story, so the meeting with him is inevitable. However, not many people know that a monster of a horrible sight can be killed with the help of a mana of the magician class, and if this is done, the hero receives 27,000 souls, just starting his adventure.

Changing through the smoking lands, the character must be able to repel attacks and explore the surrounding world, receiving information from the monologues of the inhabitants of the kingdom and describing the objects that come across. And since there is no connecting story line between the previous and the new series, the players themselves can decide and guess how the Kingdom of Dranglik originated or what caused the death of the Lordran.

In conclusion.

Dark Souls 3 you can buy by prior order or after waiting for an official exit. Supposedly at first appear versions of Dark Souls 3 for gaming consoles, and later will be released on the Windows platform. Since the authors do not talk much, keeping intrigue among the fans, this is not a fact, and most likely the product will be available simultaneously in all directions.


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