Dark Coles 3

Alternative names: Dark Souls III, Dark Coles 3

3 Game Dark Souls: Gothic fantasy.

Japanese company From Software keeps secret information about the continuation of the second part of Dark Souls, passing it in small portions during festivals, exhibitions and interviews. The fact that it became known, formed an attractive picture, and fans are waiting for the game Dark Souls 3 becomes available. If you do not intervene otherworldly forces, release it on 24. 03. 2016 in Japan, and the rest of the world can wait until April 12 to Dark Souls 3 download.

collecting the crumbs of data available, it is possible to lay down a mosaic of impressions and facts.

Spread the game will be on optical disks and the ability to download Dark Souls 3 on the official site. In it are two game modes: single-player and multiplayer.

rumors, speculation and facts.

In an attempt to ferret out the nuances of the new products, the producer of the publishing house in Japan & ndash; Atsuo Esimuru, asked questions about the features of toys, but he cleverly evaded specifics, confirming only that the 3 Dark Souls on the PC and other platforms will be really difficult to pass from the first minutes. So get ready for a difficult battle in the vast dark world.

From gameplay trailer shows that the product is impregnated with mysticism with recognizable features of Japanese philosophy and mythology. The character wanders through the dilapidated parts of the Kingdom, explores the castle, fighting monsters. It is surrounded by bleak walls, entangled in the roots of dead plants, and above his head hangs a dark sky.

Once upon a time the hero was bewitched, and now goes to the kingdom Dranglik to get rid of their other-worldly nature. To capture the mysterious soul, he will have to fight with supernatural inhabitants of the kingdom, which occur at the very beginning after selecting the start of class and instant immersion in the thick of things.

Hero wondered what they see & ndash; gray bony inhabitants pray bodies impaled on trees and stone statues of dragons. But to enjoy the spectacle he is destined not for long, as it quickly pay attention, and the battle begins.

In countless monsters attacking a knight, and his sword is never sent into the sheath. Hero attacking demons of all kinds of hell, the insurgent army of skeletons, dressed in armor giants, mechanical dragons, from the land of three-headed hydra grows.

Project Director Hidetaka Miyazaki once said that he liked to introduce the Dragon at the beginning of the game story, so meeting him was inevitable. However, few know that kind of horrible monster can be killed by a manna -class magician, and if it is done, the hero gets 27,000 souls, just starting their adventure.

Scroll through the steaming land, a character must have time to repel the attacks and explore the world, receiving information from the inhabitants of the kingdom of monologues and description coming across subjects. Since no connection storyline between former and new series there, players can solve domyslivat as there was a kingdom Dranglik or what caused the death of Lordrana.

In conclusion.

Dark Souls 3 can be bought on request or waiting for the official release. Presumably the first version appear Dark Coles 3 for game consoles, and later released on Windows. Since we do not finish a lot, keeping intrigue among fans, it's not a fact, and most likely the product will be available simultaneously in all directions.


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