Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars

Alternative names: Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars

Game Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars - the first free game where vision battlefield in real time. Involves two types of games: you directly with program heroes and battle online. Game gloomy, scary, but it's only the beginning.


Since the Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars Online is a unique game, the system requirements are not high naturally, namely:

1. 600 MHz processor;

2. graphics card with 256 MB of video memory;

3. RAM - 512 MB;

4. free space on the hard drive - 1. 5 GB

5. connection to the Internet.

Before this world feel on the skin should be shaped in the game. For this it is necessary to carefully examine these data to Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars registration was successful:

• Login to the official website of the game;

• select - registration;

• enter the name of your future hero;

• create a password that includes a minimum of six letters or numbers;

• repeat previously coined password;

• enter your valid email address,

• for an agreement with the rules of the game and taking game information and news - place a checkmark in these boxes;

• window select "register".

Play online game Dawn of Fantasy You start with a simple novice soldier, and then, if good to try to become a great emperor, whose main task is the conquest of the world, of life, and at the same time need to deftly defend his fortress.

In Dawn of Fantasy offers you a large selection of human strength, presented in the form:

• employees;

• peasants

• captives;

• slaves.

Workers - the people who will help you in the construction of buildings and in obtaining resources. They should be carefully protected.

Peasants - live in estates. Ordinary citizens, from which you can make a profit in the form of tax.

Captives - the player who hit you in captivity. Can torture him or just lock up in prison. Take the lives and steal their property - is not allowed.

Slaves - toiling for food, unlike the workers, they are weak labor.


When you actively develop your property, you can build barracks for infantry and cavalry for the army on horseback. Do not forget that you have to pay the soldiers and feed. But that's not all. See how you can use the powerful attributes. This is a unique opportunity. Their first few: leader, ruler, commander, overseer, the chief of the prisoners. Attributes can only increase with the presence of skill points you get, respectively, at elevated levels.

When robbery and improvement of villages you can get resources. Improvements include:

• House elders;

• Mill;

• mine;

• sawmill;

• Foundry;

• cellar;

• cache.

Like anything complex. And it already wants to play.

The game attracts with its fabulousness that achieved with high-quality graphics. The creators tried to glory.

In Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars play exciting, realizing the essence of the game, each of you will find something that is special! Well, on to conquer the world!


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