Days goone

Alternative names: Race gon

Game Days Gone: thriller of the apocalyptic world.

In the summer of 2016, in the summer of 2016, the American developer SIE Bend Studio at the E3 exhibition presented its project. They became the single-player client game Days Gone fighter with an open world for the PlayStation 4 platform, where the events are from a third party. According to the presented announcement, the plot is very exciting. Especially he will like the lovers of all kinds of disasters. The events presented in the toy, this is the period after the disaster that happened two years ago. The pandemic mowed down almost the entire population, devastating even major cities.

Many settlements have become ghost towns, and if where life has survived, then these are either freaks freaks or walking dead. Only a small handful of people survived this horror, but they are scattered in small groups all over the country. Is it worth it to look for them or is it better to avoid the long-distance question of life and death. They are puzzled by the protagonist of the former criminal Deacon St. John, and now the wanderer.

What is known about the game.

Play the Days Gone game fans of the genre are ready, and there are plenty of them. The main features of the gameplay are:

  • Read transport for moving
  • Find useful items
  • Improve with their help weapons and vehicle
  • Create traps for zombies
  • Dispel attacks
  • Load supplies and resources
  • Skin in any way

As there are no boundaries, the hero travels in any direction, discovering new areas and using their features for their own benefit. Landscapes, to put it mildly, bleak dotted with volcanic scars are vast open spaces along the Pacific coast. And once densely populated cities will appear before you in the ruins, where it is difficult to find a reliable shelter from the enraged creatures.

Among them are salamanders who were once teenagers, but were infected during the epidemic. Their style of attacking, beating and fleeing. Horde more organized and numerous, and therefore act harmoniously. They roam the roads in search of food, and once they find rich land, they can stay in this area for a long time. In their actions can be traced previously acquired skills, and each uses its inherent talent. Now these creatures are outlawed, or rather, they now have new principles, where strength is the main thing. The only thing that matters in this situation is to stay alive, and any means will do, but first, do not forget to download Days Gone.

As the authors of the toy say, it is always dangerous in their created world, and there is practically no time for respite. The lead character must always be ready to repel the next attack. Those who decide to play Days Gone should be aware that this is a survival simulator, from which everything else flows.

About the main character.

But why did the Deacon become the main character, and why did he still manage to avoid death? Among his qualities recklessness while driving a motorcycle. In a past life, he was part of a biker gang, and since then has retained useful skills for survival. As you know guys on motorcycles often violate the rules, which leads to conflicts with the police, and often have to run away from her. Over the years, this has become the basic instinct that helps out when it is necessary to escape from bloodthirsty monsters.

Deacon, though a negative hero, in iPlayer Days Gone, the lack of moral principles also becomes the key to success. He cleverly wields a weapon and knows how to improve it from the materials at hand. The same applies to his steel horse motorcycle, which has also undergone significant changes.


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