Dead Island: Riptide

Alternative names: Dead Island: Riptide

Game Dead Island: Riptide is an amazing computer game. This game is designed in the style of action. Game Dead Island: Riptide considered successful continuation of the first part of the game.

Download Dead Island: Riptide you can with the official game site. Download game Dead Island: Riptide can only grown users. To do this, you must specify the date of his birth.

Play Dead Island: Riptide you by the same rules as in the first version of the game. You have to fight for his life. You'll travel around the game world, which is teeming with monsters. Zombies will be waiting for you at different angles.

You have a unique opportunity in the game Dead Island: Riptide play a character that was you in the first game. For this you need to download Dead Island: Riptide your game client.

Also in the game Dead Island: Riptide pc a new character who will have the skills melee.

Before the game, you will see about the game Dead Island: Riptide video. In this video you will learn different chips in play, especially character control and many more.

In-Game Dead Island: Riptide has several types of weapons:

1. Melee Weapon: daggers, knives, swords.

2. Ranged Weapon: mines, grenades.

This is the standard weapon. But you can fight zombies and materials at hand. Some of the weapons you can modify. To do this you have to collect special materials and find recipes.

After this you can increase the damage of their weapons.

In-Game Dead Island: Riptide pc you will meet with five characters. All the characters are strong only in their field.

You can pump your character in several ways:

1. Survival - in the direction you need to play for survival against zombies. The level of your health and stamina becomes significantly higher than at the beginning of the game.

2. Fight - here you will have to prove himself a true warrior who fears nothing. Fight increases your critical strike.

3. Rage - in this direction and strength of your attack is greatly increased. You become almost invincible.

Game Dead Island: Riptide will please the players realistic events. All beats will be displayed on the body of the enemy, the blood will be running river and a fountain. Your opponents will fall down and sticks that you break them, will fly to pieces.

Special quests here, you should not wait. Many quests in the game Dead Island: Riptide simply plot or optional. More quests in the game are very simple and you do not make much effort in the performance. However, some missions in the game very exciting.

Multiplayer game Dead Island: Riptide is considered much more interesting single player. In a multiplayer game can play up to four people.


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