Deadly Gambling

Alternative names: Deadly Gambling
Who would have thought that the Russian roulette once can become super popular online game in which every day is enough to register an impressive amount of gamers. And question number two: who would have thought that the Russian Roulette ever will be combined with poker? Firstly, on how to do this, not many thought, and secondly, why connect the two most gambling in the world. But the game Deadly Gambling has shown that such an experiment has not only the right to exist, but it is also a very successful and interesting. Immediately should warn that this project is not for the faint of heart - Russian Roulette, after all. In general, the developers need to give due: they did a little creepy and rather difficult game, which, in spite of everything, it looks quite harmonious. When you start playing Deadly Gambling, notice some similarity of the basic idea of ​​the plot with the movie "Thirteen." Even the atmosphere of the game is like. According to legend, in the near future in prisons will introduce new rules for maintenance of highly dangerous prisoners. As the main characters will be performing criminals - people who have committed offenses spanning the death penalty. And if earlier bombers could just live out the days, waiting for punishment, but now they are offered the opportunity to participate in the Russian roulette before heading to the electric chair. Since we are an online project, you will need a Deadly Gambling registration required. Make it is easy - just make an account on the resource GameXP (if earlier projects placed here, you do not have an account and do not start). Portal interface - Russian-language, so that problems will not arise. To start the registration, specify the address of the mailbox. Enter and confirm a password. These data you can use to log in Deadly Gambling online, and to gain access to all project resources in the future. The only caveat - before the game will need to download the game client. Before you start playing, tell a few words about the project - it looks very atmospheric and the present. You will understand everything when you see that even the table at which the game happen all the major developments made in the form of a huge pistol drum. Mercy is not necessary to wait. In Deadly Gambling online before the actual beginning of the "action", all players must place a bet. One gaming table may collect and characters controlled by real gamers, and bots. Horn - a sign indicating that all participants must shoot first chosen victim. Shooting will continue throughout the five rounds. If, after the first attempt to ward your character alive and did not hit anyone, the number of rounds in his gun to decrease significantly. Ask how you can play in Deadly Gambling, combining roulette poker? For this purpose, specially designed to separate treatment - "Poker blitz." The gist of it is this: before shooting all around the table throw cards on which the winning combination on the cards, and will depend on how many rounds in the drum system zapihnet your gun. Simply put, the developers have already made a gamble even more hazardous. It's nice that Deadly Gambling play for free. Each day, the system offers a number of project participants to perform relatively simple tasks and get a regular bonus.

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