Dead Rising 2

Alternative names: Dead Rising 2

Game Dead Rising 2 is an amazing multi-platform game. It is a continuation of the first part of the game.

You have to plunge into the world of the spa town, which suffered from the attacks of zombies. These creatures have been infected by a terrible virus.

Download Dead Rising 2 you can from the official website of the game, only if you have a full eighteen years.

Dead Rising 2 game download pc can not people who are underage.

You have a unique opportunity to see before the game about the game Dead Rising 2 videos. All the videos reveal to you the main features of the game: characters, enemies, unique weapons and passing missions.

In the game Dead Rising 2 you will play, getting acquainted with the fascinating and unusual characters

1. Chuck Greene is the protagonist of the game. He was once the champion of racing. To save his daughter from her to become a zombie, the father accepts the offer to participate in a brutal game. He needs to get a drug that is very expensive. Daughter before his death bitten her mother.

2. Katie Green is a daughter of Chuck. She is the closest person to him. Despite the fact that she had been bitten by a zombie, Kathy led the most ordinary life.

3. Stacey Forsythe is Chuck's girlfriend. She was a member of "GPZ". This girl was the first to believe Chuck, when he was attacked with accusations. She had an affair with Chuck. Depending on certain events will depend it survives at the end of the game or not.

4. Tyrone King is the main antagonist of the game. He and his evil people rigged cruel invasion of zombies. This he accused Chuck Greene. Tee Kay so everyone wanted to rob a casino in the city, and then escape. He dies at the hands of Chuck, and then falls to the stadium to Terrible zombies.

Are waiting for you in the game Dead Rising 2zhestokie opponents

1. Zombies are the bulk of opponents in the game. They were infected with the virus. These creatures attack in droves. Zombies hit and want to bite the hands of his opponent. Their number is incredibly large.

2. Gas zombies - they are creatures that appear in the game starting with a specific mission. They are very fast. They all blistered body and red eyes. These zombies are very strong and cause great damage.

3. Marauders are survivors who rob shops, casinos and other place. In battle, use different types of weapons: mount, spray cans.

4. Mercenaries are people Tee Kay, who perform his horrible orders. They were wearing masks and protective suits.

5. People Corporations are creatures that are found in the cave. They protect the tank with gas. These people wear masks on their head helmets and armor they wear. They attack with guns. They are very similar to mercenaries, so are not considered very dangerous.

In-Game Dead Rising 2 weapons each character. All the characters use their unique weapons: from ordinary everyday items finishing machines.

World Dead Rising 2 exciting and unusual. Only here you can find a number of opponents, a huge amount of weapons and more.


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